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  • The Field Training Officer (FTO) Program Analysis

    The Field Training Officer (FTO) program was designed to advance a recruit officers knowledge and make them a better patrol officer. The definition of the FTO program is an experienced or senior member of a law enforcement organization, who is responsible for the training and evaluation of a rookie or probationary level officer. I based my FTO program around my departments program. I assisted on the development of this program so we could ensure our recruit officers were getting the best available training provided to them. We established this program in the spring of 2013. We have since had about twenty five officers complete this program. We have probably one of the most rigorous programs around south central Kansas. The benefits…

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  • Resocialization In War: Past, Present, And Future?

    or her values, norms, attitudes, and behaviors. Gwynne Dyer’s 1985 book: War: Past, Present, and Future, provides an outlook on the process of resocialization through the experiences of military recruits via basic training. Resocialization is the course of relearning the social values and norms of a group that is different from your own. The situations in which it occurs can range from simple to complex ordeals. Dyer uses the examples of a woman training to become a nun to that…

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  • Ladies In Lines: Documentary Analysis: Ladies In Lines

    Ladies in Lines use many different technical aspects to strengthen and express the themes and issues presented in the documentary. Different forms of camera angles are used such as close ups of the faces of recruits as they are being yelled at by the recruitment officers to express the intimidation and to some extent fear that the recruits possess. Scenes in Ladies in Lines are very carefully placed so that the viewers can easily follow the women in the training centre and respond to the…

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  • Recruit Selection Process

    Running head: STRATEGIES USED TO RECRUIT STAFF Strategic Process for Recruiting Employees University of Phoenix Strategic Process for Recruiting Employee planning, recruiting, selecting, staffing and hiring is often a very difficult, timely and expensive task for any organization wishing to survive in today’s economy. In order for any organization to be successful they must attract and hire the most talented employees that fit the culture of the organization. It is the employees…

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  • Tactical Training In The Army

    while at basic training, they are meant for a much greater purpose: to form strong individuals that excel in teamwork and are willing to push their personal limits as far as they can reach. Basic training is divided among three phases: red phase, white phase, and blue phase. During the red phase, when the recruits arrive they will go through general orientation, receive haircuts and be issued a military uniform. When that is done they will begin “Basic Tactical Training, followed by Nuclear,…

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  • Reflective Essay On The Army

    The Army has had a very strong and bold image for years and it continues to build upon that image every day. Every time someone joins the army, it becomes a bigger and more powerful force in the world. Also the more it is capable to protect the people that can protect themselves. The Army’s official birthday is June 14, 1775( This means that the Army has been protecting the United States for about 240 years. It has held a strong force…

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  • The First Recruit Of Salvation Analysis

    In this paper, it is intended to study Timothy L. Carson’s “The Firstfruits of Salvation: A Sermon on the Execution of Timothy McVeigh", which reflects the death penalty from a theological perspective. It attempts to discuss and analyze Carson’s reasons that argue and prove why executions are wrong in many different ways. Agreeing with Carson, I believe the death penalty must be abolished worldwide since it violates the right to life and is a cruel, inhumane, immoral, and degrading punishment. …

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  • Marine Corps Recruit Depot Research Paper

    Marine Corps Recruit Depot is the one place that one will never forget about after becoming a Marine. Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) in San Diego is next to the SAN airport. In the middle of MCRD is a giant section of pavement called the Parade Deck. This is where the recruits learn, practice, and compete in close quarter rifle manual drills. South of the Parade Deck are 6 yellow colored, 3 story, “H” shaped buildings call barracks. In each barracks there are 12 long rooms with bunk beds on…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Recruit Training Command (RTC)

    July 22nd, 1999 is a day that will be embedded in my mind for as long as I live. That date is the day that changed my life and made me the person I am today. It was around 20 hundred hours when we were loaded onto a military transport bus. We arrived at the Great Lakes Naval around 21 hundred hours. Upon arrival on the base we all had a look of dread and despair not knowing what to expect. We were greeted by a large burly man, referenced as the Recruit Training Command also known as (RTC). This…

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  • Air Force Experience Essay

    I’ve had many positive experiences in my life, but my experience joining the Air Force and completing Basic Training had the greatest impact. I did not take high school seriously, because I signed to join the Air Force in my junior year of high school. Since I knew where I was going, I did not feel the need to apply myself in all my classes. I did just enough to graduate high school. Then September came, the month I left to Basic Military Training. During this time, I was broken down from the…

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