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  • Red Hair Polymorphisms

    Title: HAIR GENETICS A study of DNA sequence variations in melanocortin-1-receptors or MC1R genes found many variants of amino acid found in people who were red-haired but rarely found in the non-red people. Researchers have identified 3 common amino-acid-polymorphisms associated commonly with red haired people viz., R160W, R151C, & D294H. The abbreviated names mean common amino acid types were found in positions 160 151, & 294 in proteins are arginine (R), cysteine (C), arginine & aspartic acid (D), while amino acids histidine (H) & tryptophan (W), were found in the redheads (Catherine A Guenther, 2016). Many rare polymorphisms of amino acid are there in MC1R genes, some may be linked to red hair. Surveys of genetic variations in genomes…

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  • The Red Hunting Hat Analysis

    Throughout The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, the red hunting hat presents itself multiple times as a sign of innocence for Holden, but also a sign of uniqueness, showing Holden and the rest of society are separate from each other. The red hunting hat represents innocence as a whole but also shows the uniqueness in Holden. It depicts itself as an important symbol which effects how the reader looks at Holden’s personality entirely. The red hunting hat Holden Caulfield wears symbolizes his…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Color That Changed My Life

    that was impolite umm just wait out here okay?" This kid was really trying and now that I'm pretty sure he's not going to murder me I don't really mind. I stand back up, uncomfortable from sitting in wet clothes, and look around his shelves. Definitely a lover of music with a great taste. His shelves are lined with green day and blink and I think I might be developing a crush and oh god no. I sit myself back down not letting myself sink into this. I can't help but let my eyes wander around the…

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  • Thawnolan And Akrem: A Short Story

    Uncaring about the metallic dataport he felt as his fist wrapped into her hair, he bent her head back and his face came forwards. H is nose inhaling devouring her scent as his teeth came down biting her flesh. His lips closing sucking her skin behind that sexual bite. The force of his orgasm was almost as strong as his first, but this one was more heady. He was glad that he had a hold on the counter as his cock swelled and exploded, flooding her with his hot seed. Over and over again he…

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  • Life In Chelan

    past, personal experience of young love recollected in my mind. Although not my first little love, this one was the most memorable. My family was preparing to move to our new home in Chelan. My parents had just gotten back from a job interview there and had also met a nice local family. “They have two daughters,” my mother would explain, “and the oldest is about your age Ethan… and she is pretty cute.” That comment dripped with the implication that my mother was trying to plan my future and…

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  • Milkmaid Braid Analysis

    complex don’t fear – it’s actually really easy to do! Simply part your hair down the middle and make two ponytails at the back. Then you are going to plait or braid these two ponytails and bring then up past the ears and secured on top (tucking them under each other works well). You can also achieve this style using a single braid if your hair is long enough. The milkmaid braid is sometimes confused with a crown braid. With the crown style, the braid is formed along the sides of the head using…

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  • Afrocentric Attractiveness

    their unique attractiveness aesthetically. In the United States, Afrocentric attractiveness standard has been picture – perfect. African American women have fashion with their own aesthetics and grow the very features that distinguished them from others. However, hair consistency is one and only, of the continuing obstacles on this journey to prompt an aesthetic that exemplifies all color, shape, size, and consistency. It is a topic apprehensive with government and passionate effects.…

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  • Wigs And Human Hair

    Wig is a hairpiece made with human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber. There are different type of wigs, bangs and fringes, pony tails, hair buns, hair wraps, headbands, falls and half wigs etc. There are different aims to wear wigs, for beauty, for fashion, for status symbol, for art. As for the facial hair, it is kind of hair which grown on face, usually on the chin, cheeks, and upper lip region. Men and women both have it but usually it grown denser and thicker on men.  The wigs were…

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  • Ifemelu's Relationship With Curt Sparknotes

    Curt and Ifemelu’s relationship with each other was both positive and negative. The positive part of Ifemelu’s relationship with Curt was that accept her physical appearance. He prefer when she have her natural woolly hair over chemically straighten hair. “Why do you have to do this? Your hair was gorgeous braided. And when you took out the braids the last time and just kind of let it be? It was even more gorgeous, so full and cool,” (Chapter nineteen, page 206). Curt was a helpful and a caring…

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  • Heroism In Alexander Pope's The Rape Of The Lock

    A woman puts on her armor before battle. An army of guardians defend their goddess. The enemy wounds the hero, starting a war and handicapping her for eternity. These heroic metaphors create just a dent in Alexander Pope’s satirical epic The Rape of the Lock. In reality, the woman’s armor is her makeup, the guardians are just a group of ineffectual sprites, and a lock of hair is stolen from the hero’s head, causing a trifling temper tantrum. The Rape of the Lock can be compared to Beowulf in…

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