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  • Crazy Horse: Fallen Chief

    warriors such as Red Cloud, Spotted Tail, and Sitting Bull. If Crazy Horse had lived in an earlier time, history would only know of his deeds by “winter counts, pictographic calendars, and the stories told of him by his ancestors.” Unfortunately, Crazy Horse lived at a time when the choices for his people were limited to fighting to keep their…

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  • Sitting Bull Thesis

    One of the most arguably greatest Native American chiefs to have walk this earth? There were many Native American chiefs during the early 17th century - early 20th century including Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Red Cloud, Tecumseh, and even Pontiac or Gall All skilled warriors even greater chiefs but the one chief to rise from being one of the feeblest members of his tribe to the very first chief of a whole nation, the Lakota nation to be exact (Johnson 1). His name was Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull was…

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  • Essay On Chief Red Cloud

    Red Cloud; The most important Lakota leaders of the nineteenth century. Red Cloud was a Native American war leader who became an important part of history for his role in fiercely defending his peoples land against the U.S. government Chief Red Cloud was Chief of the Oglala Lakota tribe. Chief Red Cloud was Born in Nebraska in 1822, the Lakota chief Red Cloud was an important figure in the 19th century land battle between Native Americans and the U.S. government. He successfully resisted…

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  • The Drought By Gary Soto Analysis

    Would you rather live where you grew up or would you move away? The poem for “The Drought” by Gary Soto and the song “In Color” by Jamey Johnson have similar themes because they are both have dry, emotional theme but they are different because “The Drought” is emotional talking about the lack of rain and “In Color” is emotional talking about his childhood. Gary Soto uses personification to show the clouds are dry and empty. “Scraping their bellies gray on the cracked shingles of slate.” The…

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  • The Jack Johnson Concert

    Mayer and Jason Mraz combined. He plays an acoustic electric guitar, but his guitar playing skills are nowhere near as good as his writing skills. He plays basic guitar chords, but his lyrics make the music. His style is very mellow and relaxed. It’s the kind of music you listen to while you’re cleaning or sitting around on a rainy day. After we arrived, we were afraid that our concert was going to be postponed on account of multiple tornado warnings around the area. These warnings did not stop…

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  • Description Of The Battle Of Bunker Hill

    It is pouring rain and you are numb cold. Your face is grim. Thunder and lightning crack across the sky. Your hear a sound, louder than the thunder. A cannon flies through the air and with a thunderous sound, crashes down on the mud and dirt before you. You are safe, the walls of the earthworks you had helped build earlier are still holding together. You see another cannon fly through the air towards you, but the effect is no different. The walls are sturdy, they can be torn down by the cannons,…

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  • I-Ilm Reflection

    teacher could teach this weather and climate lesson/unit is by having the students be involved in hands on activities! If the students are able to go outside and record data for themselves they would really get to know the material better and be able to retain this information in their long term memory. They can look at patterns they see over a weeks span, different types of clouds, temperature, and variation over time. Having students participate in an interactive activity like observing and…

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  • Aristophanes The Clouds Analysis

    Of the many writings that once existed on Socrates, only a few have actually survived entirely. One of them is a play written by Socrates’ contemporary Aristophanes on 423 BCE. In his comedy “The Clouds”, Aristophanes ridicules the character of Socrates on stage for all of Athens to see and enjoy. Despite the fact that “The Clouds” survived entirely, its reliability becomes complex and questionable due to the inconsistency with the writings of Socrates’ other contemporaries, as well as with the…

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  • Essay On The Types Of Socrates

    possible that Aristophanes caricature had a hand in the Socrates impiety charge. Impiety within Clouds runs rampant throughout the play. When Socrates is first introduced, he almost immediately sets to work, attempting to crush Strepsiades attachment to Zeus. He offers in exchange the schools own deities, the Clouds. Strepsiades accepts the opportunity to speak with the Clouds (Aristophanes, 252-253) and is initiated. Aristophanes was trying to provoke a hostile reaction out of his audience,…

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  • Drop By Henrik Ibsen: A Short Story

    a monkey at the zoo in a cage for the world to stare at. Nevertheless as her life went on, she learnt that there are some cruel people in this world and you being you is even more beautiful than trying being somebody else. Nora learnt that she might be wired, but then again, there were people out there in the world that were wired and just like her. People that Nora would become friends with, that were always to be by her side. Nora’s mother used to tell her to ‘just be you. No matter what…

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