Red Rock Indian Band

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  • Conch Shell In Lord Of The Flies

    The abandoned society of the norm develops through the disorder of the island and it seems as if piggy’s glasses allows us to have a clue how far they have sunk. “ 'My specs! ' He went crouching and feeling over the rocks but Simon, who got there first, found them for him. Passions beat about Simon on the mountaintop with awful wings. 'One side 's broken. ' (Golding 71)” At the time the glasses broke, Jack and Piggy were arguing during an assembly. That time only one side had been broken. This brought the boys apart by fighting and breaking Piggy’s glasses. “The chief[Jack] led them[Jack’s hunters], trotting steadily, exulting in his achievement. He was a chief now in truth; and he made stabbing motions with his spear. From his left hand dangled Piggy’s broken glasses. (Golding 302)” This particular part is toward the end of the book. Jack and his hunters came to steal Piggy’s glasses. After the fact they had murdered Simon. This had brought the boys apart…

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  • Lego Swot Analysis

    There have been three generations of families that have bought Legos and built with it (Greene). In addition the red and white logo is identified by many. There were 105,000 pieces made every 60 seconds in 2013. In addition the company is one of leading manufacturer of tires (over $50 billion a year). Of course the tires are for Lego tires, not actual size automobiles. A Lego product is sold every 10 seconds. That’s approximately 8,640 Lego products sold every day! This demonstrates the firm’s…

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  • Golden Geologic History Report: The Journey To Red Rocks Park

    stories of the incidents happened in to this town of Golden. During our journey we must note that the whole geological of Golden is tilted and there were mining done here. Let’s start our journey at Red Rocks Park, the Precambrian Basement, around 1.7 billion years ago, when North America is forming along with the formation of the giant continent Columbia. This is proven by the deep marine limestone and the rock is deposited in the subduction…

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  • The Choctaw Indians

    History of the Choctaw Indians of Philadelphia, Mississippi The proud heritage of the Choctaws in Mississippi dates back to the when the Europeans began settling in the 16th century. When the Europeans arrived they found the Choctaw using these principle sources of food: corn, beans, pumpkins, nuts, fruit, fish, bear, and deer. The Choctaw Indians possessed agriculture skills and they were hunter gathers. This allowed the Choctaw to create a strong business relationship with the Europeans…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Dakota Access Pipeline

    Do you ever worry if your family will have access to clean drinking water tomorrow? If your mother or father’s final resting place will be bulldozed, excavated, and defiled? These hypothetical questions posed to you are the realities of the Standing Rock Sioux Native American Tribe right now. The Dakota Access Pipeline debate as to whether or not it should be relocated from the Sioux Native American reservation is presently taking place due to its construction being merely half of a mile…

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  • Dakota Pipeline Controversy

    There is a current sociological event happening right now, where thousands of people have passed or are passing through the camp of Standing Rock calling themselves water protectors. A 1,200-mile-long pipeline is being constructed by a Texas based energy company called Energy Transfer. The pipeline also known as the Dakota Access Pipeline, is designed to transport 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day from North Dakota to Illinois. The Pipeline project originally proposed to go over the…

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  • North Dakota Pipeline

    It would also be connected with other pipelines across the country (New York Times). The Tribal Historic Preservation Office denied the request due to concerns about unknown environmental effects as well as effects on historical burial grounds. The US Army Corps of Engineers claims that they never received this reply and sent a second letter that arrived on September 15, asking again if the Tribal Chairman would like to consult on the pipeline project. Again, the Tribal Chairman refused and…

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  • Conflict In William Ury's The Third Side

    The roles are Provider, Teacher, Bridge-builder, Mediator, Arbiter, Equalizer, Healer, and Witness. I believe that the Veterans who helped out at Standing Rock play the role of a Peacekeeper. The role of a peacekeeper in William Ury’s the Third Side is to provide safety and peace to vulnerable victims that are easily opened for attack. The protestors are easily prone for attack because they are far from where they live and are being watched and monitored by the police who are looking for someone…

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  • Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Case Study

    Since April 2016, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota have been protesting the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline because it could threaten their only source of water. The most frustrating aspect of this situation is that the tribe was not consulted about the pipeline before the approval of it. They were completely blindsided by this news and are now fighting for their land. Recently, a massive Facebook protest also broke out in support of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe where…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Cherokee And Navajo

    Like many cultures, the American Indians passed down their own beliefs which describe the creations of Earth and people. Depending on the tribe, location, history, lifestyle and external influences each story contained its own unique variation. The following will compare and contrast the Cherokee and Navajo belief in creation as well as delve into the viewpoints of each tribe and their relationship with the earth, animals and other people. It is hard for a person to understand why particular…

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