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  • Perestroika Reform Essay

    However, perestroika did not occur without consequences. The privatization movement of the perestroika reform allowed for the formation of a new class the oligarchs. The lack of legal safeguards of privatization allowed the mafia, which had the financial means and the political connections, to gain ownership and control over key industries of the Russian economy. “The problem is the economic liberalization in Russia, even in the narrowest sense of legalizing private business activity, is far from complete. Under the practical conditions that prevail, it still remains virtually impossible for a Russian entrepreneur to operate entirely within the law.” (Leitzel, Gaddy and Alexeev). But some of the illegal activity of organized crime has proven to be beneficial in modern Russia. The mafia may be very threatening to people and businesses, but because of their intimidation tactics they have been able to persuade businesses to enter into risky contracts. In a capitalist economy it is important to take risks because it can prove to be highly beneficial to the economy. Although, much of organized criminal activity can be blamed on the Russian government. The government is reluctant to loosen its control over the economy. So, as a result many businesses try to avoid unacceptable tax rates and restrictive regulations. The avoidance of business taxes and regulations is achieved through help of the Russian mafia, and in turn the mafia continues to thrive fueling organized crime.…

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  • Frankenstein Movie Vs Book

    Frankenstein, “…wasn't expected to be a popular film, much less a breakout role for the unknown actor”, Boris Karloff, also known as Frankenstein ( James Whale, and starred Colin Clive and Mae Clarke, which is based on the best-selling novel, Frankenstein, written by Shelley, released Frankenstein in 1931. It is a story of a young scientist trying to create life after one has died and the struggles and drama that come along with that. Even after 86 years, Frankenstein is still…

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  • Mikhail Gorbachev: Democracy Is The Worst Form Of Democracy

    Ukraine again, but it was too late. Mister Putin won’t backup so easily. Not after the reinforcement of Russian troops and heavy machinery guns. Russian military were able to strangle a revolt less than in a week. Crimea left with no other chances than follow Kremlin’s orders. So why would 96% of population vote for the approval of referendum and 6 month later radically change their desertion? The answer is simple: Putin’s New Soft-power Media Machine, propaganda. In Russia, treads of…

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  • Similarities Between Grendel And Frankenstein

    When one is asked to think of their idea of a monster, they usually come up with something along the lines of no emotions, no remorse, and pure disgust. On the contrary, two prominent novels in literature, Grendel by John Gardner and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, claim that monsters can indeed show emotions and the ability to reason as a normal human being. Both novels introduce a physically hideous monster on the outside, isolated from the rest of the world. These two creatures are shown to…

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  • Tchaikovsky Themes

    Tchaikovsky Hamad Alrashed Fall 2016 Tchaikovsky Hamad Alrashed introduction Tchaikovsky an always associated composer with the Moscow school according to his teaching position , as well as using Russian harmonies , and melodies as much as the mighty five do. The turning point of view between Tchaikovsky and the five by his philosophical point of that he is akin more to western ideas. Tchaikovsky bridges the gap between the two schools, for example tonality in his thematic presentation…

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  • Nursing: A Short Story

    It 's intimidating enough to feel the burning eyes of the various doctors in the room watching me, but the sight of the syringe with a large needle in the short grumpy old nurses hand makes me feel very unsettled. "You will only feel a slight pinch in your arm okay." Said the nurse while she grabs my upper arm and tries to find the dot she drew on my arm earlier camouflaged in the faint freckles up and down my arm. I take a deep breath as she brings the syringe , filled with the "magical"…

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  • Mikhail Gorbachev's Leadership In The Soviet Union

    A Fatal Transformation: Mikhail Gorbachev Leadership in the Soviet Union contained several dimensions of complexities. To significantly change the political system from its former Communist style leadership, the Soviet Union required a dedicated, intelligent, and compassionate leader. Paving the pathway towards building a free society would not happen overnight; rather, it would take years to refine and develop. Transforming the Soviet Union in the late 20th century presented challenges for…

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  • Victor As The True Villain In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Victor is the true villain of the story. Based off of his creature 's looks, he was disgusted and left him all on his own. The creation wasn 't nurtured and "raised" to act morally so he was forced to teach himself everything. Although it wasn 't right for the monster to blame all of his decisions on Victor, he was right about the fact that he deserved to be nurtured and treated humanely and taught how to live in the real world. Plus, Victor went back on his word when it came to creating the…

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  • Why I Am Adjusting To Life Essay

    Introduction This is my first journal entry and it will be about how well I am adjusting to life in terms of well-being, balancing your priorities, developing my identity, and coping with stress with what I have learned thus far in my psychology course. Adjusting to life in terms of well-being Life! I don’t think that no one person can truly say that they are truly happy and satisfied with their lives to the point of them not wanting to make any more changes or improvements. For me I’m trying…

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  • Example Of A Scholarship Essay

    I have been living for 50 years so far, a milestone I would like to remember forever. Blessed to have been born in a modest family with hardworking parents Celestino and Estrella. They made sure that me and my other 3 siblings Ate Lita, Kuya Perry and Bobby have roof in our heads, food in the table, clothes to wear, school to attend, protected us and kept us safe all the time. My parents taught us the value of close knit loving family. Bisaya is my first spoken dialect was born in Ozamis City…

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