Essay On Russian Intellectual

This paper is about Russian Intellectuals. There are a lot of things to talk about on this topic, but to save some time here is a short list of the information. First is what the word intellectuals is and how it was for the people and government of Russia. Second would be about the first Intelligently and how it started, under the Soviet rule and many other things. Third would be about Russia’s Intellectual problem or problems, and fourth is Origins of Russian Intellectual Culture. Fifth and finally will be about the of Russian Intellectuals. Some of these things will probably contain extra information, but this is just a general summary.
The word Intellectual or Intellectuals is a person or people possessing a highly developed intellect. Intelligentsia is a word to identified Russian Intellectual. This word came or was based on a word of Latin origin and it meaning is intelligence. In the 1870s this word was used for Russian Intellectual. The word supplied a taxonomic label for a distinct group of people whose professional identity or public function were no longer described by the traditional categories of the Russian social structure into which they were born, nor did they fit the categories of the state’s own rankings and definitions of state service.("Russian Intelligentsia -
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He extolled “universal intelligence,” “ universal reason,” “ one single intellectual force in the whole universe,” and “the unique vision of the future granted to some chosen men”whose selfless labors were enlisted to impart the world historical wisdom to reality. His views were unabashedly elitist that he had always thought that humanity could advance only by following its elite, by following those who have the mission of leading

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