The Argument Of Hidden Intellectualism

Hidden Intellectualism has been become a controversial topic for educators of late and needs to be assessed so that educators can address this particular issue and modify classroom teachiwhether or not a person with a highly evolved “street smarts” and who does poorly in an academic environment should be considered any less intellectual than one who is well acclimated to academia and categorized as an excellent student

On the one hand gerald graff argues that “real intellectuals turn any subject how ever lightweight it may seem, into gist for their mill through the thoughtful questions they bring to it. Whereas a dullard will find a way to drain even the richest subject”. The essence of Gerald Graff 's argument is that students should be
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Mike rose speaks about his mother “Rosie” as a waitress at a local restaurant, Mike began to study the working habits of “blue collar workers” his mother in particular. He realized that his mother 's type of work required “demands on both the body and the brain”. Although this wasn 't your typical career it was none the less a career that required extensive knowledge and on the job training. Mike points out that Rosie learned to work effectively and made sure that every move counted. She learned to handle problems with ease and dealt with them within the flow of her work. She constantly took her co-workers “emotional state” into account. For example was her manager in a good mood? or did the cook wake up on the wrong side of the bed?. Another example from “blue collar brilliance” is mike 's brother joe, who only received up to eighth grade education but started working at a G.M paint and autobody shop working his way up to the supervisor over the years. According to both “blue collar brilliance” and “hidden intellectualism” no person should be considered any less intellectual based on their amount of formal education anybody can achieve intelligent by learning more about their passions and doing what they love. For example if someone loves to work on cars growing up there is a good chance they would become a mechanic or in the automotive field making them intelligent in their career . Both Joe Meraglio and Rosie are extremely knowledgeable in their careers. even though work- related action becomes routine, they were learning at one point through observations, trial and error and most often verbal and physical assistance from experienced workers on the

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