Hidden Intellectualism Gerald Graff Summary

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In the essay “Hidden Intellectualism,” Gerald Graff argues intelligence is not black and white, and there can be different ways for it to be shown. Specifically, Graff believes that in academic settings students should be able to be given the chance to study subjects that interest them. As the author puts it, “But they would be more prone to take on intellectual identities if we encouraged them to do so at first on subjects that interest them rather than ones that interest us.” Although some people believe the only intelligence is shown through academic work and school, Graff insists that schools and colleges are missing an opportunity when they discourage students from turning their interests in nonacademic activities into something they …show more content…
Growing up in the South Bronx with parents who had an addiction wasn 't the ideal situation, but it did make me smarter. The kind of smart I 'm talking about is knowing when to come home to avoid the drug dealers, when to use the elevator or staircase that day, and knowing that loyalty to your friends and family was everything. I gained those smarts as a kid, but with the type of education I was receiving out there, that 's the only intelligence I thought I had. Then, I was adopted by my aunt and we moved into an actual house, and she put me in Catholic school. It was a huge transition, and when Graff speaks on “being the toughest earned you legitimacy” I still had that mentality. It took a while for me to realize, I wasn 't wrong for thinking this way, it was just wrong to the kids that didn 't struggle like I did. It wasn 't long before I found that I was expanding my intelligence all …show more content…
For the most part school is generalized until you progress farther into your studies. For example: In middle school everything is by the book, and you have no individuality about your learning. Then high school is a journey to explore who you can be or want to be, but you still have restrictions. Lastly college where you are free to express who you are as an individual and presented the opportunity to show any intelligence you may have, but also limited because of the generalized subjects. This is the issue Graff insists needs to be changed, it is the issue of schools and professors not focusing on what the students like or have deep interests in. It is the issue of students being tied to one way of thinking, and he wants a mixture of both “smarts” to be presented throughout the students academic career.The mixture of book and street smarts has allowed me to graduate highs cool, attend college, maintain a job, and beat the low expectations of those who doubted me. I am surviving both of my

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