Carrie Stangis Case Study

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Carrie Stangis, is the Resource Center Director/Supports Coordination Supervisor at Services to Enhance Potential (STEP). They currently have accreditation in: • Community Integration
• Community
• Services Coordination
• Community Employment Services
• Job Development
• Job-Site Training
• Job Supports
• Employment Services Coordination
• Organizational Employment Services

The human problems that Carrie work with in her job are
• Intellectual Disabilities
• Cognitive Disabilities
Developmental Disability
• Chronic Illness
Describe the human problems this person works with in his/her job.
I asked Carrie if it was possible for her to give me an idea of how one becomes label as being intellectual, cognitive or developmental disable. She explains Developmental disability normally happens before
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Intellectual disability and Developmental disability is not the same disabilities Intellectual falls under development description, but they are two separate disabilities; just as Cognitive disability is not the same as Cognitive Disability but some seem to think different. She included but that is another interview that would take more time than she had.
Carrie continued the interview explaining that cognitive disability is when there are a variety of medical conditions affecting an individual ability. That an individual with a cognitive disability may have impairments in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior this would the organizations of their ideas and how they learn.
The technology that is mainly used is computers, Microsoft Office it is used for documentation and interaction with the clients.
I was told one of the most common ways an individual become a part of STEP is through

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