Borderline intellectual functioning

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  • The Impact Of Leta Hollingworth's Impact On American Society

    Introduction The purpose of this paper is to a) discuss the history of Leta Hollingworth b) to discuss her works c) to discuss her work on American society and d) to discuss the impact of her on me a preservice teacher e) conclusion f) references The History of Leta Hollingworth Leta Hollingsworth was an American psychologist, educator, feminist who made a huge impact in the world, we live in today. On May 25, 1886, Leta Ann Stetter was born near a farm in Chardon, Nebraska. She was the oldest…

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  • Blown To Bits Analysis

    Blown to Bits Chapter 6: Balance Toppled Summary: Chapter 6 of Blown to Bits is a very interesting chapter. Chapter six dives into the often undefined world of copyright rights in computing. Copyright laws allow people to have full rights over their creative works and ideas, but this concept does not translate very well into the world of technology. Because information can be transferred with unparalleled ease in the computing age, intentional and unintentional copyright violations have become…

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  • Nonverbal Assessments

    There is no single perfect resource that will provide everything an identification committee needs to calculate a child’s potential for success. There are multiple circumstances, criteria, and assessments that should used taken into account when determining if a child is gifted, including nonverbal assessments. These tests are not without fault, and there are many of critiques about the use of nonverbal measures of intelligence. While, they should not be the only indicator of future achievement,…

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  • Copyright Laws In Today's Business World

    no recognition to the owner for the work. Page 1 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) Intellectual property (IP) is “an asset with a prime value which derives from the product of human knowledge, discovery, invention or mental creativity” (New Penguin Business Dictionary, 2003). IP basically includes most human effort expended in creating a product. Industrial property and copyright together are called Intellectual property (IP); because they relate to creations…

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  • Summary Of Perfectionism

    Summary of: “Perfectionism and Gifted Adolescents.” Goal My goal this semester is to improve my relationship with my teenage son. I believe that if I can understand some of his thinking processes, he and I will experience improved communication. He is a perfectionist and this characteristic manifests itself in our interactions. I am trying to understand perfectionism, in order to relate to him better. Introduction This study examined “the connection between perfectionism and gifted…

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  • Steal This Music Summary

    from Princeton and a DMA in contemporary flute performance form UC San Diego in 2002. She has published two books, many articles and essays, and is currently working on two more books. Demers work focuses on 20th and 21st century popular music and intellectual property rights as she contributes significantly to these communities. Steal This Music is divided into four decisive chapters with a preceding introduction that traces the evolution of copyright law from its original meaning of “the right…

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  • Children With Gifts And Talents Summary

    The Makeup of Labels and Their Effects on Mentality The focus of Gates’ article, Children with Gifts and Talents: Looking Beyond Traditional Labels, examines the relationship between student behaviors and labeling. (Roeper Review 2010). A case study was used to help Gates’ explain her key research question, which is addressed as follows: there is a relationship between the behavior/performance of a student and the label assigned to them. The variables in this study were student giftedness…

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  • Intelligence In Flowers For Algernon

    As humans we feel the need to better ourselves and sometimes it is through intelligence. Many people respect and value opinions of others based on their intelligence and that is why many humans strive for knowledge because they want to become smart and gain that respect that many people view so highly. In the science fiction novel, Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keys, A 37 year old man named Charlie Gordon struggles with his learning because he is not of the average intelligence and can’t…

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  • Franklin V. Apple Case Analysis

    According to Deborah G. Johnson, in the case of Franklin v. Apple, Franklin copied Apples operating code without any alterations, this was a clear copyright infringement act. However, these cases aren’t always obvious, that’s where fair use comes in and is disputed in the federal courts. There are four factors of fair use and a fifth, unofficial factor. According to Rich Stim, the first factor is: The Purpose and Character of Your Use. The court will examine if the material taken from the…

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  • Grounded Interview Theories

    Interview My main reason to learn what participants thinks about the giftedness in early childhood. Therefore, interview is a great tool for me to achieve that goal. The semi structured interview are will be the center of this mini study, since guided interview allows researcher to follow format to utilize with all participants (Litchman, 2013). Even though the participants know the purpose of the interview, I will begin the interview by providing information about (a) why conducting the study,…

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