Similarities Between Peter The Great And Odysseus

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Peter the Great or Odysseus:
Two Leaders of Great Superiority Only One can be on Top An effective leader is someone who has a large impact on someone else, they can have good qualities such as being inspiring or they can have bad qualities such as being self-centered. There are two leaders, Peter the Great, a leader of Russia in the 1600s, and Odysseus from the epic poem, The Odyssey, about Odysseus and his journeys across the pacific ocean with his crew during 1200 B.C. It was important that Peter was advanced during his time because the country of Russia was very behind and Peter modernized his country to bring it to where it needed to be. It is a bad quality for Odysseus to be self-centered during 1200 B.C. it was important for a leader to put their crew first, they were your responsibility. Peter the Great is a better leader than Odysseus
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Odysseus may be physically strong but he isn’t very logical or responsible. Odysseus is also optimistic but not as optimistic as Peter the Great.
Odysseus and Peter were both strong leaders however in two different ways. Peter was strong in the art of war, he was able to construct an army of his own when he was a child. He eventually made it the Russian navy which invaded multiple countries and defeated them thus making Peter a stronger and more powerful leader. “Peter the Great’s military reforms massively modernised Russia’s Army and Navy. By his death in 1725, Russia’s military was a force to be reckoned with. These reforms supplemented the reforms that were going on at a general domestic level” (Trueman). This quote proves that Peter was a strong leader who was able to run an entire army and made it strong enough to go on without him. When a leader's entire army can

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