Odysseus Character Traits

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The adventures of Odysseus are a major part of Odyssey. Some people think that the adventures have simply transformed a man primarily concerned about his family into a mass murderer. But I think his adventures have decimated his excessive pride and intensified his patience, and intensified his love for his family. Moreover, he also has a constructive influence on his son.
In his journey, his excessive pride and self-confidence diminishes and his patience increases. Odysseus has the defining character traits of a Homeric leader: strength, courage, nobility, a thirst for glory, and confidence in his authority. His most distinguishing trait is his sharp intellect. Due to these qualities, he had a lot of pride in himself. But, by the end of the
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After Odysseus left Ithaca for the Trojan War, the suitors take over his estate. Odysseus’ absence compels the young Telemachus to take Odysseus’ place and maintain his estate. Telemachus hears about his father’s deeds throughout his life, which inspires him to be a brave warrior and carry out his duties towards his mother and estate. Telemachus is influenced by his father’s virtues of prudence and humility. When Odysseus lays out his plan to first test his servants for loyalty, Telemachus uses his prudence, to propose to kill the suitors first. This shows Odysseus’ constructive influence on wisdom of Telemachus. One can wrongly argue that the Odysseus’ plan to murder the suitors would have a destructive influence on Telemachus. During Odysseus’, times the person who fights for what he believes is right, was considered a hero. Even if the person murders several people, he was still the hero. This in fact has a constructive influence on Telemachus because it was killing the people who were deleterious to Odysseus’ kingdom. So Odysseus’ murders taught Telemachus to fight for what belongs to him. It also taught him to end the rule of evil and let the good deed prevail. So Telemachus thinks with the same mindset, and thus o Odysseus’ influence is constructive. Although, Telemachus already believes in god, Odysseus reaffirms the faith by telling him that the gods will assist them to fight the suitors. Odysseus’ influence was constructive, but when Telemachus tries to be like his father, he succeeds to an extent only. This is shown in the scene with bow, where he tries to string Odysseus’ bow but does not succeed in it. Thus, Telemachus is influenced constructively, but he never matches his father/s

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