The Justification Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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I think the actions of Odysseus against the wooers' was justified. Odysseus acted against the wooers' only because of the injustice that was taken place in his home. The wooers' would not leave and treated the people of Ithaca horribly. They even plotted to kill his son to get him out of the way as next of kin. Odysseus fought for his honor and his family who he desperately tried to get back to. His wife Penelope tried very hard to not have to marry a suitor trying to believe her husband was alive.

The wooers' spent their days feasting in Odysseus' hall, devouring his livestock and abusing his servants. The main victim of their barbaric behavior was Odysseus' son Telemachus. He was taunted all the time. I believe Odysseus' did what he had to do as far as killing the people who were nothing but trouble. He even tried to reason with them at one point for them to leave on their own. In one quote "Cease shooting for the present and leave the matter to the gods, but in the morning let heaven give victory to whom it will." He even suggests a way out, but they didn't listen.

Odysseus' needed to control what was happening and for me, he did what needed to be done. Once he pleaded with them and they didn't listen, he did what needed to be done and that was retaliation to get control back of his home. I think to him it was about honor and
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He gave them a chance to leave even disguised as a beggar whom they insulted and assaulted. He still did nothing at that time. He resisted striking back up until it was the perfect time which was when Penelope arranged a contest vowing to wed the man who can string the great bow of Odysseus and shoot an arrow through a dozen axes as he himself Odysseus had done. When the suitors all failed to do it and Odysseus comes to do it and does it easily is when he decides the perfect time to do what he needed to do. Get rid of the very people who were disloyal and

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