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  • Alienated Borderlands

    realities of the borderland and determines the interaction between the border people. As different interactions happened in the borderlands compare to the other regions in both countries, certain levels of interactions inevitably make distinctions as Martínez (6-9) briefly categorizes the borderlands into four groups, namely: 1. Alienated borderlands In this type of borderland, interaction does not exist or it is prohibited because of “severe tensions between the adjacent states and/or border populations” (Cassarino 4). “Border is functionally closed, and cross-border interaction is totally or almost totally absent.…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem To Live In The Borderlands Means You

    In both "To live in the Borderlands means you. . .", by Gloria Anzaldua, and "Crying poem" by Jimmy Santiago Baca the authors use various unique stylistic techniques and figures of speech to not just tell the reader of their past, but to paint a picture of the circumstances they faced when growing and how they have affected them. In "Crying Poem", Baca uses the structure of his poem and various stylistic techniques to reflect the frustration and internal conflict he has faced having to "grow…

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  • Decolonizing The RGV Analysis

    homophobia as a Mexican immigrant living in the South Western United States is one of my proudest accomplishments. My arrival to the Unites States as a thirteen year old represented an unprecedented challenged; from learning a new language, to trying to coexist in an environment that proved both very welcoming and hostile towards my particular subjective embodiment, my experiences have been informed by a number of contradictions. While I encountered a number of great people who offered their…

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  • Analytic Borderlands

    4.0 Analytic Borderlands While cities, through some mix of magic, enchantment exert a magnetic attraction, the fascination is difficult to pin-down on any laboratory table, hence sorcery. Pushpa Arabindoo, from UCL Geography Department, summaries the enmeshed complications that arise for scholars who aspire to “a deeper ideological reflection borrowed from other disciplines”, noting plainly the challenge as “socializing urban design is not as easy as it seems” ! The urban economist, Saskia…

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  • Mexican Borderlands Essay

    All who live in and around the borderlands knows and understands that there is so much more to the border than the basic definition given by Webster’s Dictionary which states that a border simply exists as “the outer part or edge of anything; the exterior limit of a place.” Whenever the “white” man has unfairly imposed on new land in which the Native Americans or the Mexicans already owned and claimed, tensions flared and more often than not conflict arose. The United States and Mexico border is…

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  • Analysis Of Borderland La Frontera

    Gloria Anzaldúa provides a great account of how it is to be a chicano(a) in the borderlands. In her book Borderland/ La Frontera she exposes the hardships that chicanas have to face such as the identity crisis the face, the machismos and the infringement of the Hispanic culture. In the chapter “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” Anzaldúa describes the Chicano(a) in the United States are told not to express themselves in their native language as “linguistic terrorism” since it instills fear and shame…

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  • Borderlands La Frontera Analysis

    Anzaldúa, Gloria. “Borderlands: The New Mestiza: La Frontera.” (1987). Course Reserves University of Florida Web. 8 November 2016. Thesis (50 words) In her book “Borderlands: La Frontera”, Gloria Anzaldúa composes her experience as a queer Chicana inhabitant of the Mexican side of the borderlands to encourage others to accept their linguistic and cultural identity. She believes that Anglos and men silence the voices of Latinos and women, but they must persevere. Summary (643 words) Anzaldúa…

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  • Borderlands La Frontera The New Mestiza Summary

    Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza by Gloria Anzaldúa is a book overflowing with challenging questions and thoughts about cultures and how they interact to shape a person. Throughout the book, Anzaldúa shares her own experiences and relates them to universal problems with sexism, racism and other forms of belittling people and their sense of self. She speaks of a borderland, very much a physical one but even more so a cultural and spiritual one that forces those who are different to feel…

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  • Summary Of Anzaldua's Borderlands/La Fronta?

    Last week I read chapter two of Anzaldua’s Borderlands/La Frontera. Through reading the chapter, I learned more of how oppressive the Chicano culture can be toward all of its members. When I speak of all its members, I mean those who view themselves as homosexual, bisexual, or even members who display behaviors that are uncharacteristic to the Chicano culture. Oscar Casares’ Brownsville, details how patriarchal societies overlook women compared to men. However, Anzaldua broadens the spectrum of…

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  • Analysis Of Borderlands: La Frontera, By Gloria Anzaldúa

    Throughout the novel Borderlands: La Frontera The New Mestiza by Gloria Anzaldúa, expresses her stories of growing up between two worlds. Gloria mentions how through her whole life she was forced to pick up certain customs that balanced between the Mexico and American side. However, Gloria believed that the only traditionaly customs she wouldn’t follow we’re the one’s that hold her back from reaching her goals. Upon reading the book, Gloria mentioned: Humildes yet proud, quietos yet wild,…

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