Decolonizing The RGV Analysis

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Decolonizing the RGV
Background leading to the spread of existentialism
Being able to derive a critical understanding from my experiences with racism, sexism, and homophobia as a Mexican immigrant living in the South Western United States is one of my proudest accomplishments. My arrival to the Unites States as a thirteen year old represented an unprecedented challenged; from learning a new language, to trying to coexist in an environment that proved both very welcoming and hostile towards my particular subjective embodiment, my experiences have been informed by a number of contradictions. While I encountered a number of great people who offered their support along the way, there were others who, perhaps out of ignorance, managed to instill in me an insecurity complex with which I struggled for years. However, through the study of philosophy and culture in the context of the South Western United States borderlands, everything changed for me. Becoming acquainted with the experiences of others and the work of theorist Gloria E. Anzaldúa has enabled me to understand the complexities that others have struggled with as a consequence of the cultural clash and power relations instituted through colonialism and centuries of oppression in the Rio Grande Valley.
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It is the desire to encourage and facilitate in others the ability to think critically about their material condition, power relations in the world, and how these two influence their lives what compels me to spread existentialism throughout the RGV, in an attempt to discredit inauthenticity and

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