Benefits Of Using Calculator In High School In Korea

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Using Calculator in High School in Korea Should be Allowed during Math Class.
In Korea, calculator has not been allowed for any reason in class room. But it has been a super controversial when seeing the countries like United States of America and countries in Europe use calculator, clamming for allowing to use calculator in high school classroom (Min-sik, Yoon).
However, I think Korea should allow to use calculator in high school.
The initial reason for allowing calculator in high school is that restricting calculators only makes the test easier (Home School math).
If students take a test which calculator should not be used, it is clear that examiners will adjust the number in advance so that
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When people see the result of universal mathematics olympiad which is a test for students aged 14 through 20, Japan always gets a high score and America doesn’t. The latest survey done by PISA shows that too (Programme for International Student Assessment). Students from asian countries including Japan always get high ranking and America usually stays under 20th. With this, men from the anti-calculator-using say that the adverse effect by using calculator is shown clearly with indexes. Also, a benefit from a hand-calculation is shown clearly with a result that Japanese children have gotten on international math …show more content…
Also, using calculator in high school can lead students solve problems which need more logical thinking. And teachers will give more focus on the process of solving problems instead of its’ result which must be correct if the process does. In addition, using calculator can give students much more fast and specific answers. So, Korea should allow using calculator in high school class room.

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