Write An Essay Of A Short Story (Bfg)

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As deaf as a post, I was intensely focused on reading the amazing book, BFG. The magical book about a young innocent 8-year old boy around my age was fascinating. I was so immensely engrossed in this extraordinary story by Dahl that I did not notice that, as quick as a rabbit, the typically unremarkable television had begun to strangely hobble over to me on old wooden legs. It was not until it harshly bumped into me with its black box, grey screen, old-fashion appearance, and light brown legs that I noticed this odd television. As I stood up as fast as a cheetah, I noticed a sparkly dot on the screen, which was as white as snow. I cautiously tried to touch the snowy white tiny sparkling dot, but carelessly and clumsily I fell into the unusual television and, with my heart racing like a frightened rabbit, I found myself in a forest with trees as green …show more content…
A young boy with untidy hair as black as coal, eyes as bright and green as a new leaf, and a frightening lightening bolt shaped scar on his tiny forehead delicately opened the massive and heavy pink door. He was small and skinny, with a slim face and bumpy pale legs. He wore eyeglasses as round as a tire and seemed as innocent as a lamb. That is until he spoke. Although he modestly showed unmatched meekness, it was clear that this timid little boy hid great secrets. He introduced himself as Harry Potter. After hearing the long and almost unbelievable story of how I accidentally fell into a television and landed in this magical forest where his nondescript house stood, he helpfully suggested that we find the secret door that lay behind the antique golden book shelf that could be opened by the special golden key in the hidden treasure chest. Having carefully read many long books about Harry Potter, he was as large as life to me so I could not say anything but

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