Attention Deficit Disorder: An Analysis

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When running into someone for the first time, people often inquire “who are you?” On the surface this question appears simple enough; you give your name, maybe a fact about why you are there, and the question seems to be satisfied. However, if you turn that question inward and ask “who am I?” you discover that what appeared to be a shallow puddle of a question is actually a great well of complexity. When asking the questions “who am I?” and “who am I as a reader?” I find that the answer to both of these questions to indeed be long, complex narratives, but conveniently these narratives appear to be one in the same. To find the beginning we must go back to a young boy of age 5 who had begun kindergarten, but never seemed to give school much thought at all, the only things that he cared about were Power Rangers, playing with his twin brother Ross, and when his …show more content…
This changed however, following a diagnosis with Attention Deficit Disorder towards the end of kindergarten; by the end of the year he had picked up reading with ease, and by the time 1st grade rolled around he was placed in the advanced reading group consisting of the 6 best readers in the class. The spark in the young boy’s heart had taken hold and continued to grow, demanding more and more fuel in the form of bigger, harder, more interesting books. The books enchanted him, they possessed the power to create rich new worlds with each turn of the page, and it wasn’t like TV where he merely spectated these worlds, no, with the books they burst to life around him, engulfing him with their wondrous words. When the boy reached the age of 8 he had already read the first five Harry Potter books, finishing the 850 page 5th book in only a week, and was reading so much that his 3rd grade teacher was threatening to take his books away during the school

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