Essay On Becoming A Better Writer

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“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” ― Thomas Mann. Writing is a subject that is different for everyone. In my opinion if I could write about a topic I choose and I am passionate about I know my papers would be interesting to read. On the other hand, I when I am given a topic to write about I think it is harder to make the paper interesting and enjoyable to read. When it comes writing I have a few of struggles that one day I wish I could improve on. The three writing areas I struggle with the most are sentence fluency, grammatical errors, and word choice. To make my writing better I will continue revise and edit my papers. Grammar is something that you need to repeatedly practice and I believe that should help with fixing grammatical errors. To …show more content…
Becoming a better writer, the struggles I have need to improve. Writing will always be a part of our lives no matter what. We still have at least three years of college left and we will have writing assignments whether we like it or not. We will have to write for our future jobs. Improving my skills would not only help with college, but with my future job too. Depending on the job you pursue will depend on the amount you will have to write. For medical purposes documenting everything is very important. Which means the writing needs to be detail and correct so other staff members can understand. Once again, the skills I need to improve on are sentence fluency, grammatical errors, and word choice. I will continue to work very hard on these struggles because I know I need to improve on them. Having writing problems is the worst feeling ever. I don’t like when I feel dumb in a particular class, and I feel like people judge me when my writing has errors. I know I can improve my skills in Intro to Writing, so baby steps and I will slowly be a better writer. One day my writing will be better, and I can’t wait for that

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