Essay On My English Writing Experience

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When I started writing this journal, every class I had ever learned about English writing shuffled through my mind like flashcards. From a very early age, I think, could well be the grade of 7th or 8th, I naturally started writing in English. At the beginning of my English writing experience, I read the books chosen by my English teacher carefully, and I tried to generate all the sentences precisely because I deserved to learn more about a different language. I thought I was going to improve my writing skills unceasingly by keeping in pace with my classmates. However, unfortunately, when I went to my high school, everything started to alter dramatically.
The first moment I want to share with us is the beginning of the struggles of my English writing. In my high school, English class was completely a joke, which was mainly and simply the combination of American English and British English. All the students were required to remember what had been written by the authors repeatedly and mechanically, but received no encouragement to question, challenge, and disagree. Personally, I scarcely understood what I
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By the time I started reading a new book, my reading was unintentionally slowed down by a string of new words. In this case, I performed terribly and frequently in the reading section of English tests, which usually took up one-third of the total score. On the other hand, my personal reading style benefited my brain, reduced my stress level and improved my ability to concentrate. It also unintentionally propelled me so that I could read the reading materials carefully and meticulously, which could be treated as a significant advance in my study. Honestly, I paid more attention on my reading speed not only because I had to boost my test score but because reading seemed to be the most efficient way to acquire

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