My Reflection: The Strengths Of Struggle In Writing

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I struggle with writing papers. I do not enjoy writing papers. I have a difficult time “responding” to the prompt. I dislike writing papers because I believe my writing is weak. I have trouble addressing my audience when writing. I also struggle to find a direction in which my paper should lead. When I write papers, I attempt to focus on the main points of the prompt, but then I believe my paper lacks in other important areas. There are many different techniques when it comes to writing an essay and I am not sure how to incorporate these strategies when I begin writing. Even though I have these weaknesses, I continuously work to improve my writing. I have worked hard throughout this class to write the best papers possible, but I accept there …show more content…
Over the course of this year I have been working hard to improve my supporting paragraphs. The supporting paragraphs of an essay are meant to be full of detail and information that supports the thesis. When I write a paper, I focus on the details and supporting content to improve the essay. I often conduct research and make notes before writing a paper. I have also found that writing an outline before writing the actual paper helps to organize my thoughts. Making an outline also helps to assure me that I have enough support for the claims I make throughout each paragraph. I want to make sure I am writing a strong, thorough, and detailed paper. “However, due to her obesity and insecurity, she is used to being alone and does not let people in her life. She excludes herself from activities because she is insecure about herself” (WP3, 5). This quote from one of my previous papers, shows how I used research and personal observations to provide the reader with a better understanding of Kate;s personality and behavior. Having done research before writing my paper greatly helped because I was able to make connections between the two texts in my paper. These connections were stated and made evident to the

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