The Reflection Of Writing: The Process Of The Writing Process

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The writing process is different and unique to all individuals; many people follow the ideal steps of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing as opposed to others taking shortcuts, skipping steps, and going straight to editing. The writing process is the course one takes to get from prewriting to the publication of their essay; since everyone is a different, their writing process will also be different. For me, I believe that following the ideal writing process steps are a tremendous help to organizing my essay and spacing out the work throughout the time the assignment is assigned. To begin writing an essay I must first prewrite; to prewrite is to brainstorm ideas from the prompt by outlining, diagramming, clusterings, or …show more content…
The writers also may add points or remove points from their body paragraphs. When I revise, I take into consideration the constructive criticism given by my classmates. In my mind I believe that my essay does not need revising because I believe that my essay does not need revising; however, this is not true, my essays could be revised to be improved. I should consider revising my essays more because there is always room for improvement. I should ask my peers to review my essay and to give me commentary on what I could work on in my …show more content…
I form an outline and organize my ideas into one space which helps me understand what my main points are and helps me understand how I could My weaknesses are poor time management, getting distracted, and procrastination till the last minute to finish my essays. I do not revise my essays very much besides taking into consideration my peer’s comments. I need to give myself more time to work on my second draft and the revision of that second draft; I usually stay up late writing this essay and I would like to space out my work over a period of time instead of cramming it two days before the essay is due. I usually get distracted when typing an essay because I go through different social media websites and browse through them until I realize that I have to finish my essay; I usually watch videos on YouTube or message my friends on Facebook; I should limit myself from distractions by putting away my phone or even having a post-it note reminder to not stray away from my essay because I will regret it when I am still working on my essay at 2:00 in the morning. For more peer editing and reviewing, I could go to the Writing Center on campus and meet with one of the volunteers there for more advice on how to develop my essay more. I believe that I write more when I am interested in the topic of the assignment; People tend to write more when

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