College Admissions Essay: My Level Of Commitment

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My identity can be reduced to one major quality; my level of commitment. My commitment can be seen symbolized on my bookcase. On top of my bookcase rests my academic lettermen patch, my trophies from years past, and above it all I have hung my cross, which, when the sun hits just right, envelopes everything on top of the bookcase in a far-reaching shadow. I have been committed to pursuing a higher education for my entire life, and my commitment to myself and my education is constantly emphasized by my athletic scholar letterman patch on my bookcase. I do not believe I can be called a savant however I am still in the top ten percent of a senior class that numbers over 700 students. I have accomplished educational feats such as being awarded the athletic scholar award, which dignifies me as the varsity football player with the highest class rank. I also have accomplished a G.P.A. of over 4.0 on the 5.0 scale for all four years represented by the scholarly athlete patch for my letterman that rests on my bookcase. I can proudly say that these awards and accomplishments are …show more content…
I have played sports my entire life, nonetheless I am by no means a natural athlete. Frankly I have never been described as fast, strong, or tall; but I confess, I still have a row of trophies watching over the progress of my athletic career. My collection of overseers started very small, but I have traded time, sweat, tears, and even blood for these golden men. Now my collection stands tall and each golden man, on top of his own pedestal, is a testament to my own tenacity. Let me accentuate, the equation to my success was never natural talent, but my commitment to my teammates as well as myself. I have always struggled against the odds to support my team when I knew they needed me. Without my commitment to athletics I would have never put in the time that was needed to conquer my

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