Stuffed Animals Research Paper

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I used to believe that stuffed animals were the thing of kid’s play, objects that remained only in the realm of childhood. It was four years ago, during the precarious transition from childhood to adolescence when I realized my fallacy.
One of the greatest assets of the new bedroom in my family’s new house was the tall ten-foot bookcase that sat right next to my bed. It was this bookshelf that prompted me to select the bedroom as my own, fueling my lofty dream of having my own personal library. Before I had the chance to move my books from the packing boxes to the book shelves, however, I was plagued with a bizarre dream.
In my dream, the ten-foot bookcase next to my bed, filled with hundreds of books, tipped over during an earthquake, sending the books on the shelves onto my resting body, pinning me to my bed. Earthquakes, of course, were the last concern for myself and any other person who lived in the middle of Texas, but the dream left me with an uneasy feeling that I could not get rid of. Though I never considered myself superstitious, I couldn’t shake the fact that the
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Though for a long time I thought the stuffed animal shelf was a silly response to an irrational worry, I began to appreciate the idea that seeking comfort and familiarity was not a weakness, but rather a sensible action. I began to appreciate the predictability of stuffed animals. They never judged my life decisions, or complained when I threw them across the room in anger. I believe in stuffed animals because I’ve always liked soft, brightly colored things. Though they do little more than sit idly on my bookshelf, stuffed animals bring me the peace of mind that accompanies a well-decorated bookshelf. Most important of all, I believe in stuffed animals because they are dependable. After all, I know in the unlikely event of an earthquake in Texas, I can rest easy with my wall of stuffed animals watching over

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