Science Of Dreaming

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Barrett, Deirdre, and McNamara Patrick. The New Science of Dreaming: Volume 2. Westport: Praeger Perspectives, 2015. Print.
This book discusses the modern science behind what caused dreams. This book was published by, Praeger Perspectives. This book in my opinion is very scientific. It discusses the realistic stimulation of dreams, gender differences in dreaming, data, personality, psychotherapy, nightmares, trauma impacts, emotions behind dreaming, and lucid dreaming. I will be using some of the information provided, as in, the information on nightmares, lucid dreaming, and the impacts. The book is very complex, therefore it will only benefit my research essay if I pick and choose my information wisely.

Brill, A. A. Dr. The Interpretation
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He had insight in the field of human endeavor, medicine, and literature. The book was published by, A division of G.K. Hall & Co. In the book Freud explains where dreams come from, and they signify for the dreamer’s mental state. The theories he had developed involving dreams forged the way for a new science, and a new way of how humans and animals view the world. He explores the conscious and unconscious part of the mind, that has to do with the memory, feelings, and actions. Depending on the dream he analyzes the dream to your childhood. The author (Dr. Brill, A. A.) mentioned all accurate information, therefore there in no weaknesses. I feel this book is no better, nor least good than my other sources. Although this source will provide the evidence I need to discuss Sigmund Freud, and his theories about …show more content…
The author suggests, “By listening to what your subconscious mind and your spirit tell you through your dreams, you will have all the tools you need to achieve the life you want” (Richmond). Based on my other cited sources she tends to have the same mind-set of Sigmund Freud theories. The author believes your dreams are divided into certain categories, that should be analyzed, and she provides the symbols. For my research essay, I believe this source can be beneficial, and vice versa. This source will benefit my paper based on the answers of how dreams are an insight, and explaining the traditional dream interpretation. Reasons this source will not be beneficial is if I get off topic, and begin discussing how our dreams can be an insight on life-changing

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