How Do Toys Affect Our Society

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Toys and Childhood
1. What role do toys (including, in the broad sense, children 's film and literature) play in our society? When responding, please draw from the article "From Control to Adaptation" and your own experience.
The role toys play in our society is shaping the way children see themselves and others in gender roles, in competition, and in general "play" (either alone or with one another.) This "play" or "playing with toys" as young people creates a social background for each individual on how they react to others, and to the game or toy they are playing with, which promotes thinking skills, coordination, acceptance, and empathy for the level of achievement or difficulty each individual in each society may learn. There is also
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When you are an onely child, and do not have brother or sisters and just one parent to play with, your toys definetley play a role in shaping your development. In my early development as a child, I had many toys and learned to play with others in daycare or with neighbors and friends. At home alone, I always had the best toys to play with by myself, so that I wouldn 't get bored. But when I had the opportunity to play with others, I enjoyed the comradery and competition and still do today. I was part of the generation introduced to video games when they were invented and immersed myself in playing and conquering them while competing with friends. Playing basketball, softball, and roller skating, were my favorite past time as a teenager and today games on Facebook are my favorite games to play: like word games, casino games, and board …show more content…
Children today seem to take to computers, phones, and other electronics without any hesitation. Today 's toys can make noise, movements, and light up like never before and sometimes without any human manipulation. The toys for these children and the adults they may become, I feel, is a benefit for them and future generations to become more mechanical and observant. These toys and games seem to help children and adults learn faster and more efficient, while promoting deep personal skills. What may not be beneficial, is the reverse effect of adults becoming complacent and lazy and unable to have a direct connection with other human beings in communication and in play. The internet and cell phones are today 's version of high tech toys, that may become obsession or habit, that leads to the demise of human communication and play.
5. Look over this Time magazine article on the 100 most influential toys from 1923 to the present (note that you can click on each decade to open up a detailed list of those toys) and select one toy from whatever era was significant for you as a child or for your children. Having made your choice, describe, in detail (minimum of 150 words), how this toy is an important example of our popular culture and why it has meaning for

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