Cultural Literacy Autobiography

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Cultural and Literacy Autobiography
Many people grow up in different situations and are raised in various ways. These differences shape us into the people that we are and can have positive and negative effects on our lives. I grew up in what some would call a traditional household. I lived with my parents and two older brothers. My brothers were my best friends growing up and I was also very close with my mom. My dad owns his own carpentry company and worked a lot while we were young so that my mother could stay home with us. My mom stayed at home until I started school and she went back to work as an x-ray technician. I remember having a very hard time leaving my mom when I first started kindergarten. This often affected my behavior during
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Nearly all students were treated fairly equal. Teachers seemed to base their judgement on the child’s behavior. If there was a particular child that often acted out, the teacher was most likely to lose their patience with and enforce stricter rules upon that individual student. Sometimes I find myself prejudging others and their capabilities based on their gender. I think that these feelings have been put in my head solely because of the gender roles that society pressures us to believe. I sometimes think young girls are only able to participate in certain activities such as coloring and playing house, while young boys are only able to participate in activities such as sports or building things. I have grown to overcome these biases over the past few years. One of the greatest influences on my changing bias is my cousin’s son who is now three. He enjoys playing with his kitchen set which is often considered a girl toy because society believes that women should work in the kitchen, not men. Seeing how much he enjoys playing with this “girl toy” has helped reshape my idea of gender roles in children. I have learned to be more accepting of children and their …show more content…
I also remember being given a photo in third grade and being asked to create a story of what was occurring in the photo. This helped us learn to use creativity and imagination in our writings. I recall having to work with teachers after class to improve my reading and writing skills. Looking back, I believe that my issue was partially because I have always been somewhat of a perfectionist. Once teachers started to stress the importance of neat handwriting, I worked very hard at making every single letter perfect as I wrote. Until high school, I considered myself to be a very slow reader and I was always the last one to finish a test. This made me very insecure and embarrassed throughout my schooling, but I also think that it pushed me to work harder at finishing my tests quicker. I started to occasionally read in my free time during middle school. I always enjoyed reading series of books as a teenager, but now I enjoy reading books by the same author one after the other. Some of the books I enjoyed reading in middle and high school are the Twilight saga, Harry Potter series, and Pretty Little Liars series. Now, I enjoy reading books by Nicholas Sparks, John Green, and Gillian Flynn. There are not too many limitations on my ability to read books in a distracting environment as long as the material that is being read

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