The Osage Firebird Analysis

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While reading “The Osage Firebird,” I saw how the structure of the text, led to one another. Meaning, when the author, Sudipta Bardhan, wrote this passage she made it connect really well to each other. While reading the passage, I observed how she did it. She did it by adding one detail in one section, then that one detail becomes the main idea for the next section, or for any section. I saw the connection of each section near the end, since in the beginning of the passage, I didn’t see any.

The author, Sudipta, started out in the first major section by writing about Betty Marie’s childhood. How her grandmother told her stories of fire spirits and animals that could talk when she was little. Not only that, but how she spent part of her childhood at an Osage reservation in Oklahoma. Also, Sudipta wrote about how Betty Marie saw herself as a “typical Indian girl, shy, docile, and introverted,” but ballet made her come out of her shell. When she was four years old, she got into ballet lessons, that set her mind to become a ballerina. In the first to third sections
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The fifth paragraph talks about her achievements. Her most famous achievement or performance of all, was in The Firebird. In the paragraph it says, that based on Russian folktale, this ballet tells the story of a strange creature that is half women and half bird. Even though it didn’t connect with the fourth paragraph, the fifth paragraph did connect with the first paragraph. Example, in the fifth paragraph, it said that as she danced, Tallchief must have remembered her grandmother’s voice recounting the Osage legends of fire spirits walking the Earth, by performing The Firebird, Tallchief combined her heritage with the ballet, and truly became a women of two worlds, making this connected to the first paragraph, since in the first paragraph, it talked about her grandma telling Marie about the Osage legends of the fire spirits when Marie was

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