Disadvantages Of Proniosomes Essay

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*Niosomes increases the stability of entrapped drug as they are stable.
* Handling and storage of niosomal formulation requires no special conditions.
*Niosomes improves oral bioavailability of the drugs and enhances the permeation of the drugs through the skin because of the presence of surfactants.
*They help in reaching the target site of action by various routes such as oral, parenteral,ocular ,nasal as well as topical routes such as transdermal drug delivery.
*Niosomes are non toxic ,biodegradable, biocompatible and non-immunogenic.
*Both hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs can be incorporated in niosomal formulation .
*Niosomes improve the therapeutic performance of the drug ,since the drug is not distributed to non-target sitesand reduces the chances of drug toxicity.
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The result of the coating process is a dry formulation in which each water-soluble particle is covered with a thin film of dry surfactant. This preparation is termed “Proniosomes”. The niosomes are recognized by the addition of aqueous phase at T > Tm with mild agitation (Blazek et al., 2001). T=Temperature. Tm = mean phase transition temperature.
(b)The “Bubble” Method:- It is a novel technique for the preparation of niosomes without the use of organic solvents.The bubbling unit consists of round-bottomed flask with three necks positioned in water bath to control the temperature. Water-cooled reflux and thermometer is positioned in the first and second neck and nitrogen supply through the third neck. Cholesterol and surfactant are dispersed together in this buffer (pH 7.4) at 70°C, the dispersion mixed for 15 seconds with high shear homogenizer and immediately afterwards “bubbled” at 70°C using nitrogen

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