A Report On The Productiveness Of Focused Ultra Sound

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The purpose of this memorandum is to present an analysis of the person(s) who would read this report. This report was created as one of the projects for a Writing for Technical Professional class. The goal of this project was to analyze the success of a medical innovation. My chosen topic was Focused Ultra Sound that enhance the drug delivery for treatment of CNS diseases.
Audience Description:
While writing this technical report, I imagined 2 types of people who would read it. The first type was the patient who is suffering brain tumor and is patient about this topic. The other type would be Doctor of medicine who is interested in such a topic that would help patients. The first type which is the patient would be interested to know
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I was able to conduct this research by reading through peer reviewed articles, scientific papers, research articles, and clinical trials. A lot of people who suffer CNS disease are usually of these two conditions. first, they get the disease through the spread from other part of the body this is known as metastatic. Secondly the disease cells appear in the CNS this is known as primary. Usually the patient who gets CNS disease due to their spread from other parts are hopeless cases. The Focus Ultra Sound target the patients who have CNS diseases due to its appearance in that part.
There are many drugs that can treat CNS disease but none of them can penetrate the blood brain barrier. “The blood brain barrier denies 100% of large molecule drugs to pass and 98% of small molecule drugs”. (Chen, C. C., Wu, S., & Konofagou, E. E. ,2014)
A team at Sunnybrook health center in Toronto was able to conduct a successful trail which proved that the Focused Ultrasound with the help of microbubble can loosen the blood brain barrier and allow the drug to pass to the affected area in of the
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Trial results:
The clinical trials on the focused Ultra Sound showed how it’s productiveness in delivering the drug to the targeted areas only. Figure 4: Whole brain histological examinations (Dockrill, P., 2015)

The above image shows two parts of the CNS that have disease areas. The left side had the Focused Ultra Sound applied to it and the right side didn’t have. The results showed that the drug was delivered to only one side and that side was the side through which the Focused Ultra Sound have been applied to. It also showed that the microbubble was able to allow the drug to bypass the blood brain barrier.

3. Different paths of in taking the drug:
Through, the clinical trial they tried different paths of in taking the drug alongside the Focused Ultra sound. So they compared to ways. First, through IV injection, which take the blood stream route. The second way through the IN, which takes the path from the nose to the CNS. Figure 5: Focused ultrasound images (Chen, C. C., Wu, S., & Konofagou, E. E.,

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