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  • Lung Cancer Carcinogenesis

    cancerization, which is the same consecutive genetic and morphologic changes that form an aggressive tumor. Not having oxygen flow can make it very hard for a person to breathe and may cause their body and brain not to function correctly. Tumor suppressor genes are destructive growth regulators that turn off cellular multiplying to the normal cells by repairing DNA or introducing apoptosis. Apoptosis is the cell’s suicidal functions that destroys the cell…

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  • Peto's Paradox Case Study

    Bowhead whales are not the only large animals that are known to resist disease. One would think that because larger animals have more cells they would be more susceptible to mutations. One would also think that the more time an animal lives, the more time it has to develop mutations. This is not the case and this lack of correlation is called Peto’s Paradox (Caulin & Maley, 2011, p. 1). The statements mentioned above are incorrect because it is known that some larger animals live longer. Much…

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  • Confidentiality In Health Care Essay

    nearby tissues. Through the immune system and blood stream, the invasive cancer spread to other parts of the body (Komen, 2015). Role does the BRCA1 gene. According to Mandal (2013), the BRCA1 gene (breast cancer 1, early onset) acts as a tumor suppressor by preventing abnormal proliferation and alteration of cells. This is achieved by progressive repairing of the deoxyribonucleic acid DNA to ensure stability of genetic material in cells. It also plays a role in DNA transcription by modifying…

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  • Blood Clotting Research Paper

    Briefly identify and discuss the specific tissue type associated with human blood. Blood is recognized as a form of connective tissue sine it contains a nonliving fluid matrix the plasma that living cells form substances are suspended. There are over one hundred different components (i.e. nutrients, hormones, gases, metabolites, waste, electrolytes, and proteins) that are dissolved/suspended in the plasma, which contains over nighty percent of water. However, the structure of plasma continually…

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  • Primary Source Analysis: The Crusades

    Primary Source Analysis 3 1) As most Christian histories of the crusades begin with pope urban II’s call in 1095, for the recovery of holy places. But Ibn Al-Athir being native of Mosul see it differently, as all Muslim sees the Crusades. He mention the crusades as not being recovery of holy places of Christianity, rather, it was war against the Islam religion. He further stated in his writing saying that, “They invaded the territories of Islam”. In his writing he clearly indicated that it was…

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  • Esophageal Cancer Research Paper

    Esophageal Cancer is the growth of a tumor in the lining of the esophagus, a hollow tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. The esophagus is a necessary organ that allows food to travel to the stomach where it can be broken down into nutrients for the body to use (Esophageal Cancer, When discussing esophageal cancer, it is important to understand what can cause the growth of a tumor in the esophagus, what the potential risk factors are, the symptoms, how this cancer can be…

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  • Preventive Vaccines: A Case Study

    tumor cells which effect immune system dynamics are; first, tumors can lose antigen expression which obstructs production of antibodies allowing the tumours free-reign. Second, tumour cells can generate suppressor T-cells which essentially turns the body’s own defense system against itself as suppressor T-cells subdue the antigen response of B-cells and other T-cells. Third, tumour cells utilizes Fas-L, a protein that when attached to initiates cell apoptosis or cell suicide, on activated…

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  • Bone Cancer Essay

    risk factors. Research into the cause of bone cancers has not yet been completed. Bone cancer occurs when a mutation throws off cells’ balance of oncogenes, genes that promote division, and tumor suppressor genes, genes that limit division. If the oncogenes are not kept in check by the tumor suppressor genes the cell will divide repeatedly, becoming a…

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  • Cellular Senescence Essay

    Hypothalamic programming of systemic ageing involving IKK-b, NF-kB and GnRH (Zhang et al., 2013). Cellular senescence is when a cell’s replicative mechanism becomes arrested. This was phenomenon was first described in Hayflick’s experiment. Cellular senescence is usually due to protect the cell from becoming cancerous but it also plays a prominent role in aging (van Deursen, 2014). While senescence describes a halt in proliferation, cancer development is the uncontrolled proliferation of…

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  • Spindle Formation And Addition Of Nocodazole

    incubator was opened several times causing fluctuation in temperature, essential gases (e.g. oxygen) and the cells were taken out of the incubator for transfection, seeding and addition of nocodazole. As 14 – 3 – 3 sigma (S) was found to be a tumor suppressor, arresting cells in the G2 or M phase of the cell cycle3, it`s hypothesized, overexpression of S leading to cells containing more 4N cells than in G.…

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