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  • Hodgkin Lymphoma Classification

    to retrieve a larger piece of the tumor for biopsy purposes (Shankland, 2012, 852). There are some genes in the body that are different for each person. There are cases and studies currently, where researchers are finding evidence that some gene suppressors are not working correctly. Because of this, they are able to find if you are at higher risk for developing cancers or developing more cancers if you already have…

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  • Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome Research Paper

    Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome also known as BHD is a hereditary disease first described in 1977. Name of the disease came after last name of the three Canadian doctors that found the disease, Arthur R. Birt, Georgina R. Hogg, and William J. Dubé. The BHD was discovered in 1977 association with the skin lesions, but the connection with the lungs and the kidneys were not found until 2002. BHD is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder that primarily affects the skin, lungs, and kidneys. Autosomal…

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  • Bariatric Surgery Essay

    As a result of the above recommendations and in order to improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes, many women of reproductive age have been advised or have been themselves seeking to lose weight via numerous interventions. Some of these interventions include the conventional method of diet and exercise. Indeed, a low-fat, reduced calorie diet is the best studied weight loss, dietary approach and is the most commonly recommended dietary method by governing health authorities. Such diets are…

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  • Summary: The Immune System

    The immune system is known for its primary role in protecting the body from bacterial, parasitic, fungal and viral infections. It consists of organs and cells that play important and very specific roles in order to achieve adequate protection. The main components include: Organs • Bone Marrow Produces all the cells of the immune system through a process called hematopoiesis. • Thymus Produces mature T cells through a process called thymic education. • Spleen Its primary role is to filter the…

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  • Between The World And Me Speech Analysis

    Zac O’Neal Dr. Ketzle Writing 2211 On the fiftieth anniversary of the historic civil rights march in Selma, Alabama, President Barack Obama, the first African American president of the United States addressed the crowd around him, giving a speech as much to address the continuing racial inequalities in the United States as to honor the price paid by the marchers so many years ago. In this speech, he offers a hopeful view of the United States. This speech runs in direct contrast with the book…

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  • Pyllanthus Emblica Case Study

    Ficus carica leaves are reported to have two photoactive furanocoumarins, Psoralen and bergapten (5–methoxypsoralen). Since the content of T–lymphocytes was reliably reduced in patients with vitiligo (the number of T–helpers was decreased and T–suppressors were increased), it is recommended to include immune–modulating drugs in complex therapy. Leaf extract of Ficus carica shows promising immune–stimulant properties (Patil et al., 2010), has comparatively higher levels of psoralens (Zaynoun et…

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  • The Raid On Entebbe

    When they landed, they still had the element of surprise. That changed when they had to shoot and kill an Ugandan soldier. They first used a pistol with a suppressor on it to, but when the Ugandan sat back up, another soldier shot, only with an unsuppressed weapon. A firefight ensued, and almost instantly, lieutenant colonel Yonatan Netanyahu was shot. Later, he would succumb to his wounds("Jonathan Netanyahu")…

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  • Racial Slavery Thesis

    Thoroughly exploring the site, I found that to provide an insightful essay would require reading at least the first and last section from each part. In the section titled, “From Indentured Servitude to Racial Slavery,” to the section, “The Civil War,” in part four, I noticed that the treatment and desire for slaves were solely driven by fortune. It is truly saddening that families were torn apart over materialistic things. Parts two and three were exceptionally inspiring due to certain…

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  • Asthma Research Paper

    1. Definition of Asthma: Asthma is one of the most common type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A COPD is a type of disease or disorder to which the airway is affected and causes breathing to be slowed or forced. Asthma is a type of COPD that causes the airway to become inflamed and to be hypertensive (increased pressures in the blood vessels in the airway) due to any internal or external stimuli. The system that is closely associated with asthma is the respiratory system. The…

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  • Logic Regression Analysis Of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is a malignant neoplasm that is located within the cells of the breast. Normally, cells divide to grow, repair, and replace other cells. This cell division is controlled by DNA within the nucleus of every cell. However, when cells in the body start to grow out of control, cancer begins. A variety of factors, both genetic and environmental, may disrupt growth of regulatory pathways and result in the development of cancer. Major factors taken into consideration for breast cancer…

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