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  • Pyllanthus Emblica Case Study

    Ficus carica leaves are reported to have two photoactive furanocoumarins, Psoralen and bergapten (5–methoxypsoralen). Since the content of T–lymphocytes was reliably reduced in patients with vitiligo (the number of T–helpers was decreased and T–suppressors were increased), it is recommended to include immune–modulating drugs in complex therapy. Leaf extract of Ficus carica shows promising immune–stimulant properties (Patil et al., 2010), has comparatively higher levels of psoralens (Zaynoun et…

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  • Logic Regression Analysis Of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is a malignant neoplasm that is located within the cells of the breast. Normally, cells divide to grow, repair, and replace other cells. This cell division is controlled by DNA within the nucleus of every cell. However, when cells in the body start to grow out of control, cancer begins. A variety of factors, both genetic and environmental, may disrupt growth of regulatory pathways and result in the development of cancer. Major factors taken into consideration for breast cancer…

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  • Anton Sukhinski: A Tragic Hero

    Did you know that during the Holocaust up to six million Jews perished? The Holocaust was a tragic time where Jews were belittled into insignificant grains of salt that disappeared within the chilly snow of the night by their immoral suppressors called the Nazis. However, a man named Anton Sukhinski saved six people from a life full of torture and pain. Anton was able to use his kindness to become a hero to those people and to future generations, even though everyone he knew opposed his…

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  • Aggression And Self-Esteem

    A general view held in psychology that high self esteem or at least a positive view of one’s self has many benefits to our mental and perhaps even our physical health, while low self-esteem predisposes people to aggressive behavior. However, recent studies have been gathering that have an overall positive correlation between aggression and self-esteem. These studies also show that an exaggerated sense of self-esteem especially when coupled with narcissism can actually leads to the highest rates…

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  • Leanne Betasamoskae Simpson Caged Analysis

    In Leanne Betasamoskae Simpson’s Stories and Songs of Islands of Decolonial Love (2015), “caged” tells the story of giigaa bizhiw, nishnaabemowi for bobcat. I believe that Bizhiw represents the resilience and strength of the indigenous people. Although she is kept in a cage in the zoo, she manages to remain a strategist and a warrior who does not lose connection with her culture and ancestors. Her relationship with Nabaabak and love that she feels help her put the puzzle together and make the…

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  • Epigenetics In My Life

    This epigenetic alteration of cancer cells allows them to adapt changes in its microenvironment but certain hypermethylated tumor suppressor genes can awaken with drugs. Although epigenetic drug research is in its early stage, new promising drugs such as Vidaza or decitabine have proved to be effective in certain diseases like leukemia. Steller concludes that additional research in…

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  • Social Inequality In Jcole's Song Can T Cry

    By using this word he catches the attention from the black people. The word ‘nigga’ comes from ‘nigger/negro’, which comes from the times when black people were obligated to be slaves. The white people were the suppressors, using this word as disparaging and criticizing towards the black people. Even though it was meant to insult the black people using this word, it is still often used. Although it could be offensive, some use it in such ways that it has become a…

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  • Wild Animals Cause Cancer

    Did you know that there are 100 different types of cancers? Cancer is a disease by which is caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. (Cancer) According to WHO, this is true and any part of the body can be affected by it. In fact there were an exceptional amount of 7.6 million people who have died from cancer and 13% of deaths around the world. (WHO) Cancer is a deadly disease and is one of the leading health concerns for humans, "Dr. Denise McAloose, a…

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  • Native American Cultural Circle Essay

    The mistreatment of Native Americans is a prevalent issue transcending time in the United States, but is often forgotten. Racism within American society taints Native American culture because it denies a whole ethnicity equality, and stems from the average person choosing to assume rather than understand. It’s also important to note that a lack of understanding the Native American cultural circle causes the weight of the conflicting American philosophies to deteriorate their identity. White…

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  • Essay On Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    important for the well being of people. In this primary research article, the authors attempt to find a mechanism by which squamous cell carcinoma proliferation and invasion are inhibited. They use the cell adhesion molecule 1 (CADM1), which is a tumor suppressor, to show that it is possible to prevent squamous cell carcinoma progression. One result that could come from this study is that we might be able to screen the patient’s tumors for loss of CADM1 expression to see if they will benefit…

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