Pancreatic Cancer Essay

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Pancreatic Cancer In the U.S an estimated 46,420 will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and over 39,590 will die from this disease. For stage IA there’s only a 14% chance of survival and for stage IV there’s only a 1% chance. Not many people want to know these statistics, because they might lose hope if they are fighting the disease; for those that would like to gain an understanding it should be made clear. Knowing this, it’s best to learn the facts of how this cancer can be prevented and diagnosed. Pancreatic cancer begins in the pancreas which is located behind the lower part of the stomach. The pancreas secretes an enzyme important for breaking down and aiding hormones that regulate metabolism of sugars. Even though the …show more content…
It can also show if the cancer has spread to any nearby organs or distant ones such as the lymph nodes. A CT scan looks like a large donut with a table in the middle that slides in and out. The person getting the scan will sit still on the table,then it will take the person in. Unlike x-ray, the CT scan will rotate around the body to take many pictures of the body of what it looks like inside. An MRI can also be done, but a CT scan is more common. A MRi takes longer and it usually more disturbing, since there’s machine buzzing noises. Blood tests can be done also to check for tumor markers or specific proteins in the blood. This tumor marker test is called CA 19-19, but it is not always reliable. Because of this, doctors will usually take tests before and after symptoms. Scientists don’t really know why it is that people get pancreatic cancer, but there are risk factors. Certain factors damage the DNA in the body. DNA being the chemical in our cells carrying genes. Some genes can cause cells to slow down and die at the right time which are tumor suppressor genes. DNA mutations can turn on oncogenes or turn off tumor suppressor genes. Gene mutations are usually inherited, therefore it is always important to watch out for diseases that are present in family

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