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  • St Louis Zoo Research Paper

    The Saint Louis Zoo The Saint Louis Zoo was voted second best zoo in the United States in a USA Today poll where they had the people who go to these zoos vote. The zoo is home to over 15,000 animals per their website. Many of them are rare and endangered species. They have some exhibits that they charge for but admission to the zoo is free. The Mission of the Saint Louis Zoo is to conserve animals and their habitats through animal management, research, recreation, and educational programs that encourage the support and enrich the experience of the public. This could be the mission of any zoo it is not what makes the zoo special. They try to grow the experience threw innovation and research. The zoo has a healthy relationship with the Saint Louis Community some of the ways they do this is partnering with schools to introduce…

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  • Arguments Against Biodiversity

    Biodiversity, what, who cares, should we pay attention to this? The first question that should be answered is what is biodiversity? To put it simply, it is the study of species and all of their respected families. It covers the whole spectrum of animal life all the way down to the plant life and its variety of those species. Without biodiversity, we would all look the same and there would be nothing different. For example, all the different kinds of flowers you like, only one of them would exist…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Atavism

    All living things share A DNA sequence. The significance of this is that the similarity between certain DNAs are too great to think its just a coincidence meaning they must all come from a common ancestor. All living organisms seems to have a Common DNA and be built around a common structure with differences between that are small yet distinct enough to define species. Information found within DNAs come out extremely accurate and does not relate to appearance or adaptations. DNA sequences and…

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  • Darwin's Domestic Pigeons

    The term “evolution” conjures the image of a single-celled amoeba’s gradual progression and eventual formation into a multicellular organism. This process occurs over a period of time when organisms undergo a variety of hurdles which may alter their biological and chemical structures to differentiate them from another species. Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory pioneered the idea that life had a common origin from which species arose from. In one of his famous works, “On the…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Cloning

    Many people think that animals going extinct will not affect the human race because it is not the humans that are going extinct. This is wrong simply because of the fact that animals affect us on a day to day basis. For example, birds kill of smaller animals that could harm us. That would benefit them since they have a food source, and it will benefit humans because they are no longer in harm's way since the smaller animal is no longer in our area. If the bird were to go extinct, that would…

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  • Brenton Blue Butterfly Analysis

    The one of the main, more active examples is the Brenton Blue Trust. The Brenton Blue Trust (BBT) has been around for a decade and was originally founded by Richard van Wyk. Its aims include but are not limited to: • Prevent the butterfly from going extinct • Promote its establishment in its previous habitats • To appoint suitable advisers • Support programs that are aimed at conserving other butterfly species as well as invertebrates, all in the interest of preserving biological diversity • To…

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  • The Influence Of Lichens On The Environment

    Along with general human life quality, the amount of humans present on Earth has been increasing. In order to provide a satisfactory quality of life to the billions of people present in the world, humans began polluting their own planet, therefore causing many problems to other species of life. One such example reflected by this is the decreasing biodiversity of organisms within an environment, especially lichen. Scientists characterize environmental changes through the research of various…

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  • Differences Between Genetic Mutations And Natural Selection

    Mutations are changes in the genetic code which is the only way through which new genetic material and variations can be obtained. Mutations further include chromosomal mutations which is necessary for various variations. Genetic Drift can be defined as how the changes that occur randomly in the frequency of alleles which impact populations of many species. These also lead to effects such as bottle neck and founders effect. Natural Selection revolves around the concept of fitness which…

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  • Taking A Look At Trophy Hunting

    In every sense of the word, South Africa is diverse; linguistically, with 11 official languages; culturally and religiously with a plethora of popular faiths; and biologically, with 7 major distinct terrestrial biomes, one of which, the Cape Floral Kingdom, is endemic to the region. This biodiversity is, however, under threat due to land expansion, climate change, alien species invasion and much more (Turpie 2013). The loss of ecological settings and species demands that biodiversity should be…

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  • Amboina King Parrot Essay

    The Amboina King parrot is also known by several other names including the Moluccan King parrot, Ambon King parrot, Amboyna King parrot and to a lesser extent the Amboina Green Winged parrot. Originally found in the islands of Moluccas and New Guinea surrounding Indonesia the habitat of the Amboina King parrot is tropical and sub tropical, meaning that it is most comfortable in warm and moist conditions usually associated with thickly forested areas although they may be found in nearby…

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