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  • Write A Narrative Essay On Nigga Pros And Cons

    “After all this nigga put you threw, he still got yo nose wide open. Don’t you see?” “See what? You beating around the bush bitch what?” “This is yo opportunity to get back at the nigga!” “Okay, I don’t follow.” “Listen, you agree to it right, but instead of being a silent partner you ask for all of his shit. That way you can beat him at his own game. You know everything there is to know about the business thanks to yo dad… Interrupting her in mid-sentence I replied, “Thanks to my dad, I grew up without him!” Having a moment obviously wasn’t enough for her because she jumped right back in, “Look, I know when your dad went to prison it was hard for you, but you didn’t know what you know now. I mean back then; you were young and didn’t know how to appreciate the advantages of the business.” “That’s true. I had no idea how many advantages it has. Plus I’ll have one up on niggas because of my boutique.” Taking another moment, I weighed my pros and cons. And I have to say the pros triumphs the cons, waiving my hands up as I sat back on the couch I replied, “Naw, I can’t do it. I enjoy my freedom too much.” “Come on Shy. You ain’t gonna get caught!” “How can you be so sure?” “Because you know exactly what not to do to get caught!” “True, I was front and center when my dad made all the wrong decisions….Fine I’ll do it, but you know you my right hand. So yo ass gotta be on point. It can’t be any of that wild shit. You gotta stay focus, discipline, precise, and most of all you got to…

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  • Retail Expansion Case Study

    Aishath rasheeda MA41 2015 pg. 1 A1. a) Retailing is a distribution channel function where one organization buys products from supplying firms or manufactures the product themselves, and then sells these directly to consumers. A retailer is a reseller (i.e., obtains product from one party in order to sell to another) from which a consumer purchases products. In the UK alone there are over 1,100,000 retailers according to the 2014 UK Census of Retail Trade. b) Retail expansion is The process of…

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  • The Stereotypes Of Reality TV

    They have also played the promiscuous female in reality television .Internet sensation / Rapper Cardi B was introduced to the world 2016 in season 5 of love and hip hop new York city . Season 6 Cardi B played the role as the“side chick” with former producer/friend Dj self executive of “Guinen entertainment”.Not only that Cardi b makes music embracing that it's okay to sleep around and she is very vulgar doing so .K Michelle was on season 3 of love and hip hop Atlanta . Now she played the role as…

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  • Living Islam Out Loud

    does not feel it would be right to have others share their stories if she is not also willing to talk about her experiences as well. Part I “Crossroads” is all about answering the questions of what is it like growing up Muslim in the United States, what the relationship was like between mainstream society and the Muslim community, and what are the “complexities of growing up Muslim and how [their] various identities – American, Muslim, female – intersect?” This section only includes two…

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