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  • Film Analysis: Robot Do Things

    Robot Do Things In the 2008 Disney/Pixar film: WALL-E,. And it's good. Andrew Stanton co-wrote the film with Jim Reardon. Stanton, who directed Finding Nemo, had already had some writing and directing experience when it came to animation, and he does a good job handling this movie. The movie is about a little robot named WALL-E, which stands for "Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class". He is the last of his kind on Earth and just goes about his day compacting trash and collecting little trinkets he finds interesting and takes them back to his home, which looks to be an old storage facility that would hold WALL-Es. One day while he is minding his business, a laser on the ground peaks his interest and he follows it to find a rocket landing.…

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  • Spirited Away: Short Story: Hayao Miyazaki's Story

    Introduction Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo, Japan on January 5, 1941. His early career begin in 1963 as an animator at the studio Toei Douga . Hayao has involved in many early classis of Japanese animation. In 1971, he moved to A Pro with Isao Takahata, then to Nippon Animation in 1973, which Hayao was heavily involved in the World Masterpiece Theater TV animation series for the next five years. Hayao get his first TV series directed in 1978, the series is called Conan, The Boy in Future.…

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  • Toy Story 3 Influence

    In 2010 a major box office hit was Toy Story 3. With its Pixar tile and multiple awards for animation, Toy Story 3 became an American classic. A key factor that makes Pixar films so endearing to movie patrons are its stunning and punctilious animations. Pixar tends to leave conspicuous “Easter Eggs,” or references to past and future movies, to be discovered by audiences. For example, Pizza Planet truck from the original Toy Story is referenced in every Pixar film at least once. With this, many…

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  • Hayao Miyazaki Film Analysis

    Hayao Miyazaki it is a Japanese animator that very influential in animation area. Thus, there are many featured film that he made such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and many more and every of his film that his made there are several of similarity that can be found on hisfilm such as the technique that he uses, the styles and the concept of his story. However, Hayao Miyazaki had his own uniqueness when he made an animation film even though it has a similarity from with his other film but…

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  • The History Of 3D Animation

    Animation is the process of making the vison of motion and the figment of change by different means such as, fast moving display of images that follow upon one another and that do only have small changes to them to form an animation. Animators are artists that specialize in the creation of animation. There are a few different creation methods in animation, Traditional animation, Stop-motion animation, Computer animation, 2D animation, 3D animation. Traditional animation (Cel Animation) - The…

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  • The Incredibles Film Analysis

    Narrative & Composition The Incredibles Film Analysis Portfolio The reason I chose the 2004 Pixar Animation film The Incredibles, directed by Brad Bird, as my independent film analysis is because of, despite it being a children's film, there is so much more meaning to the computer animated superhero movie than it simply being an entertainment for toddlers. Some qualities the film explores are the way the public interacts with people who have amazing extraordinary abilities; it demonstrates…

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  • Judith Halberstam's Pixarvolt: Film Analysis

    Judith Halberstam has a very unique perspective on animated childrens films. She made up her own term called “pixarvolt”. The way she explains pixarvolt is “a new genre of animated feature films that use CGI technology instead of standard linear animation techniques and that surprisingly foreground the themes of revolution and transformation.”(Halberstam 29) In other words, she is identifying different ideas and theories within the typical animated children's film and grouping them together. It…

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  • Animation: The Complex Definition Of Animation

    The Complex Definition of Animation Technically Animation means brings life to or act of bringing life to. Not in the context of giving birth, but adding quality or making something more vivid. In the realm of graphic arts animation brings life to an image or object by projecting movement from something that was originally still and adding sound. Almost every form of animation starts with a drawn image or created object that is transformed into an animation. The classic form of animation,…

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  • Godfather's Of Animation

    The godfather’s of animation and the - , How do they compare to one another?, How do they vary?. One might think the similarities between animation and painting is scarce, but when the traditional methods are brought to light can that still be considered as true?. When people aspire toward’s animation in today’s society, it often the bastions of traditional animation that capture the imagination, such as Studio Ghibli, founded by animator and director Hayao Miyazaki. The dedication by the…

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  • Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time

    unorthodox animation lure and appeal to both the young and the mature intellects – uncovering its mass of kaleidoscopic pedagogic episodes that illuminate the uncomfortable themes of reality. Death, cannibalism, depression, an abundance of horror glazed over by the guileless and adolescent style allows for the easy digestion to juvenile minds, but is this all that there is to it? Adventure Time to educate the young? Or to gavage children into believing this is how problems and life should be…

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