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  • 3M Corporation

    Introduction to 3M Corporation 3M Corporation is an industrial conglomerate that develops products which serve propose in a variety of industries. The original function of 3m was mining. Founded in 1902, 3M was originally known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. This firm’s main function was to harvest the mineral corundum, extremely hard aluminum oxide. This mineral is found in a crystalline form. Some precious stones such as rubies and sapphires are some types of corundum. 3M mined out of a mine known as Crystal Bay. Although this was the intention function of the company they have since moved into the huge industry leader it is today. 3M focus has since shifted into mining other materials and developing products. Since its…

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  • 3M Case Study

    3M, a product driven company is divided into seven divisions: Health Care, Transportation, Display and Graphics, Consumer and Office, Industrial, Electro and Communications, and Safety and Security Services. Each is responsible for its own manufacturing and marketing facilities, as well as the product lines within it. They also have another division called the Industrial Business Division (IBD). The IBD serves a broad range of industrial markets, from appliances and electronics to paper and…

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  • Milton Hershey Case Analysis

    more important factor in the stock market: the companies. If it were not for every company that gives individuals opportunity to become a stockholder, there would clearly be no stock market. These companies are what draw investors into the stock market with the chance of profiting from said company. When purchasing a stock or share of a company, one is part owner and will receive annual dividends which depend on the type of stock they acquired and if there is any profit. The stock market…

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  • 5-Yr Strategic Plan

    John Thurston, Global Human Capital Planning Manager for 3M is quoted by Carol Morrison from i4cp as saying that the company overcame ‘one of the most commonly encountered workforce planning challenges’, the propensity of organizational stakeholders for being stuck on the idea that planning is an HR activity (Thurston as cited by Morrison, 2013). In her post titled “3M 's Winning Strategies for Workforce Planning on a Global Scale”, found on the i4cp website, Morrison states that a recent…

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  • Acid Base Or Neutral Essay

    Substances: Acid, Base, or Neutral Procedure: Out of three substances, benzoic acid, ethyl-4-aminobenzoate, and acetanilide, two of them were randomly given out, weighing 75 mg each. These mysterious substances were both placed in a 25-mL flask with 6 mL of diethyl ether. The substances with the diethyl ether were mixed together until the solids dissolved. The solution was cooled in an ice bath for a couple of minutes. Once the solution was cooled, 3 mL of 3M HCl was added and swirled into…

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  • Importance Of Packaging In Marketing

    like, or need. It is one thing liking a product, but it’s another thing actually spending money to have it. During this stage, the testing will determine if the product has potential in the market, but changes will be made before the actual production. It might be those changes that make the customers not buy the product even if the change was something that was requested during this stage. 3M The “innovating machine” 3m is justifiably highlighted as the “innovation machine” to the extent that…

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  • Difference Between Benzoic Acid And Isolation

    Observations or reactions: Separation of the basic component: When 2ml of 3M HCl was added to the mixture of Benzoic acid, Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate, 9-Fluorenone, diethyl ether, two layers were created, an organic yellow top layer and a clear aqueous bottom layer. The clear layer (basic layer) was extracted and placed into a container where 6M NaOH was add to the solution. The addition of NaOH made the solution basic, and created white flakes in the solution. The white flakes were separated by…

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  • Best Stethoscope Nurses: Nurse Practitioner

    Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28 inch, 2201 The 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. is a great choice it has a reasonable price tag and allows for customization. You get your choice of tubing color which is always fun. Some tubing color options include: Orange, Hunter Green, and Pearl Pink and many more. You also get to choose the finish of your chest piece black, brass, stainless, rainbow, or smoke. however, chest piece color choices may depend on your tubing color. This moderately priced stethoscope…

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  • Mangrove Importance

    area. Each plot is 3m x 3m in size area. In each plot there is 3 quadrate or three replicate. Each replicate is 25cm x 25 cm in size area. To summarize for this field sampling there is 30 plots with three replicate for each plot and 15 of them is from high tide area and the rest of 15 is from low tide area. The sampling start with 15 plots around high tide area. In 3m x 3m plot for each quadrate, firstly the detritus samples were took and were put in the plastic sample that were labelled.…

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  • Classic 2 Pediatric Stethoscope Case Summary

    Table 1: Criteria Regarding 3M Littmann Stethoscope summarizes the information of each of the stethoscopes ability to meet the criteria established by physicians and the Chief Financial Officer. The table includes the stethoscopes name, price, length, weight, warranty, and states if the tubing on the stethoscope is latex-free. For the stethoscope comparison, the Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope was chosen because it fit the criteria to the greatest degree. This stethoscope is priced at $91.98…

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