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  • Summary Of 1776 By David Mccullough's 1776

    I had an opportunity to read a fascinating book called 1776 by David McCullough; which is his tenth Book he has written on the subject. In this endearing novel he describes several significant issues that George Washington had to overcome to secure his ultimate victory in 1783. The book also describes the first year of the American Revolution, especially the triumph of Boston and the failure at New York and the successful attack on Trenton. The author details the challenges of creating and maintaining an army and then developing and drilling the militia that will be disciplined in the field of battle. I will focus on three areas that were major issues that General George Washington faced while leading the continental army during the year 1776. The first problem; that the men were not from the regular army and lack military discipline, an example of this is poor cleanliness, which led to several health problems that included a round of diseases that spread throughout the camp which became known as camp fever. Then there was the fact that George Washington and his officers were not well trained and made several bad military decisions, such as the Boston encampment. The 2nd major issue included a lack of supplies, specifically gunpowder, which was only less than ten thousand pounds, and a number of times the Continental Army went into battle with only enough powder to shoot two rounds. The third obstacle that Washington had to deal with was the fact that the army were made up…

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  • Christopher Hibbert's Redcoats And Rebels

    the American revolution, by collecting a vast amount of history from various institutions; who preserved these ancient documents and letters, and thus aided Mr. Hibbert to draft this narrative. In Redcoats and Rebels, Mr. Hibbert narrative entirely consists in the thirteenth original colonies. Written in chronological order. Redcoats and Rebels, begins with citizens revolting with anger toward a vast amount of Acts issued and enforced by the British Crown. Leading into key events like the…

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  • Athenians Against Socrates

    Curiosity killed the cat is a common cliché alluding to a negative connotation for questioning. However, everyone dies so is questioning really an awful thing? To the Athenians against Socrates, yes, but Socrates opinion is the exact opposite. Things must be questioned , but the intention for questioning is equally as important. This is where people may have been confused with Socrates which lead to his indictment. Indeed, Socrates claim is true and with the right intentions, it has the…

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  • Hubris In Ancient Greek

    While Greece had many forms of government (which also reflects their need not to gravitate to one extreme in terms of government), the Greeks are commonly known for the origination of Democracy, in Athens. The Athenian government was reformed many times until the 5th century, when they reached a form of democracy that fully represented all Athenian citizens. They were pushed to do so both from their appreciation of human nature, and their value of the middle class. In a writing by Aristotle…

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  • Analysis Of Joel Stein's The New Greatest Generation

    In the article, “The New Greatest Generation,” Joel Stein talks about the millennial generation and the labels that are put on their generation. Stein tells that over the years, millennials have been labeled narcissistic, lazy, and self-absorbed. Stein proclaims that the millennial generation only cares about themselves and everything they do, say, or think revolves around them. Stein informs that many people, including older generations, believe that the generation is selfish. They are said to…

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  • Essay On Modern Pop Culture

    Modern popular culture now is more vulgar, unethic, amoral and dehumanizing than any other time in history. Culture is something that is supposed to be uplifting, it’s supposed to make people crave for more knowledge, self development, setting standarts and motivating people. Instead for the past few decades all it does is… aimed directly at new generations of people. By its very definition pop culture has been always mass produced for mass consumption but over the last 20 years I’m sure that…

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  • Generation X Analysis

    Generation X is a group of individuals that was born in the years of 1964-1980. This very interesting generation is a generation that is often forgotten. Reasoning being is because of how small this group is. During the time that this group of people was growing up their parents, the Baby Boomers were at large in the workplace. Layoffs were on the rise and the job market was very competitive. This led to one of the nicknames of this generation which is, “Latchkey Kids” (Zemke 2013). This…

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  • Joel Stein's Essay 'The New Greatest Generation'

    In Joel Stein’s article The New Greatest Generation, he gives his opinion on the millennial generation. Those born between the years of 1980s and 2000s are considered millennials. Stein argues that the millennial generation is lazy. An example of Stein argument on the laziness of millennials can be shown when he mentions how they would rather be an assistant instead of becoming a CEO of a company. In my opinion his statement focuses on the lack of work ethic, of the given generation, because…

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  • Intern Motivation Essay

    The Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to explore how an intern perceives appreciation, in terms of relevant rewards, etc., in return for their contribution to the social enterprise’s overarching mission as workers, especially those that donate their labor. In addition, how that perception affects their level of commitment and subsequently their performance. The interns in question should be between the ages of 18 and 25. Moreover, the interns should be considered members of the…

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  • The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Millennial Workplace

    It is clear that there is a large difference between Millennials and other generations present in the workplace. Millennials are programmed and pressured, they are sheltered, look for structure and instant feedback, have complete confidence in their future, and fear risk and dread failure (Howe). In general there is a difference in the way different generations grew up, the Silent Generation or the Baby Boomers had to worry and deal with many different things that the Millennials have been…

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