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  • Erin Silver Character Analysis

    “9021NO” In the 2008-2013 TV series 90210, character Erin Silver struggled with bipolar disorder. Though, throughout most of the series Silver is on her medication, there are instances where she does not take them for various reasons, leading her down a destructive path. When not on her medication, Silver struggles with maintaining her relationships and making logical choices. In most cases, these two struggles go hand in hand, where her making poor decisions leads her to temporarily ruining her friendships with other characters. Silver also struggles to realize she is off her medications, and does not understand the fact that she is acting any different than normal. This results in Silver not being able to understand why people are treating…

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  • Gossip Girl Target Audience

    Among these were Friday Night Lights, running from 2006-2011, almost identical to Gossip Girl’s runtime; 90210, airing from 2008-2013, again very similar run-time; and The OC with the different run-time of 2003-2007, but the target audience was and still is very similar. To begin, most of these shows implemented one or multiple factors from Gossip Girl. I address the runtime for context, though it is not different now currently accessing the show on Netflix, because all of these compared shows…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Boring Life

    I found a job, an apartment and a car the same day I arrived. The car being a light blue Toyota Tercel that I couldn’t drive because I didn’t know how to drive a stick, the waitressing job was at the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills where I had to sell a BIC writing pen to the hiring manager to get the job. I guess I did well because I got the job. Lastly, I moved my suitcase and cat into a studio apartment on South Hamilton Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, 90210. That zip code was significant as…

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  • Occultism In Witchcraft

    Created by Producer Aaron Spelling of 90210 and Melrose Place fame, Charmed centers on the lives of three young, attractive sisters who learn they are witches and immediately become engulfed in a battle between good and evil. Each week the sisters cast spells, recite incantations, perform rituals, summon spirits and battle demons, all while maintaining an outward appearance of normal, boy crazy teenagers. As the first television show to hire a demonologist as a creative consultant, Wiccan…

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  • Media's Influence On Body Image

    show that attractive people have more advantages in our society, also the problem about social media is that when dealing with body image, people don’t have to be directly exposed it also passes through friendships. In 1993 Anne Becker went to Fiji to study girls and their body image. During this time, Fiji hadn’t been exposed to television or social media, and until the mid-1900s, doctors had reported only one case of anorexia nervosa in this country. The girls in Fiji had been raised…

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  • Generation X Research Paper

    They remember call waiting, using Liquid Paper, fell in love with Tom Cruise and got hooked on 90210. They were the first generation to discover that you didn’t have to leave the comfort of your home or sacrifice time and money to get the basic needs taken care of. This group may have started their lives with a checkbook, but now they just scan their phones at the register and never carry cash dollars. Forgot a gift? Not an issue for Generation X. All they need is five minutes and they will…

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  • Female Role Models In The Media

    portray the image of females having to be “slim”. Examples of these women are Cheryl Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Rushanara Ali who have become successful due to their own handwork and merit and not due to their size. Also women who are a plus size are now seen as healthy and beautiful, like Oprah thus promote physical health and can impact female in a positive way as they are not always subjected to images of stick thin women. Lastly functionalists may argue that eating disorders are caused…

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  • Hunting In American Culture

    commercial (Kate Upton Carl’s Jr. Commercial) starring Kate Upton, it shows her at a drive in movie theater, with patty melt in hand, wearing seductive clothing while an adult male watcher her. When buying the “Southwest Patty Melt” we think of Kate Upton. Due to the excess of objectification, men tend to think they can achieve both the ideal woman. Commercials often prioritize the objectification over their product. As a combination, “Commercials sometimes show the meat becoming conflated with…

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  • Celebrities And Pop Culture Essay

    accepts everything if it comes from a celebrity or the media, no questions asked. Of course people want the perfume with Taylor Swifts name on it or the shoes with Michael Jordan’s logo because it makes “normal” people feel superior (Dusseault). When a teenager puts on Taylor Swift’s “Wonderstruck” perfume they feel as if they are just like their idol which is the feeling that celebrity worshippers crave. Television is also a way that people see the lives of celebrities; there are reality shows…

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  • The Window Metaphor: The Role Of Media In Society

    kids spend more that 45 hours in screen time, e.g.: (Instagram, Twitter, Television etc.).The average American spends 9 hours per day, using media. 50 per cent of children from ages 8 to 18 report that the television is on in their homes “constantly”. Outside of work and sleep, society is glued to screen time. It is said that over 90 per cent of fourth graders were unable to identify an image of Abraham Lincoln and 75 per cent of 17 year old could not identify the head of the German leader in…

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