Battle of Long Island

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  • George Washington's Victory At The Battle Of Long Island

    Rather than losing his entire army to the British, Washington ordered the army to retreat to Brooklyn Heights. Several hundred men from Maryland, who would later become known as the Maryland 400, held off the British while the army retreated. Many of them were killed. British Instead of destroying off the Americans, the British leaders stopped the attack. They didn't want to unnecessarily to put British troops in the same situation they faced at the Battle of Bunker Hill. The British troops found out the Americans had no chance to escape. On the night of August 29, the weather was so bad. It made Washington worried about his troops. He ordered his troops to remain quite while they are making their way across the East River to Manhattan. Next morning when British woke up, all Continental was gone. (David Smith New York 1776 The Continentals’ first battle, page 37) The Battle of Long Island was a conclusive victory for the British which made George Washington, and the Continental Army forced out from New York to Pennsylvania. The British controlled New York City to the end of the…

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  • Summary Of 1776 By David Mccullough's 1776

    disciplined in the field of battle. I will focus on three areas that were major issues that General George Washington faced while leading the continental army during the year…

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  • The Crossing Movie Analysis

    the crossing, which is about George Washington crossing the Delaware on a Christmas night and winning the battle of Trenton. This fill was directed by Robert Harmon, with a very low budget to work with he sat out to make this as good as possible. This movie was nominated for a couple of awards, and won two. One was the ASC award, Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Movies of the Week/Mini-Series/Pilot. The other one was Peabody award which was won in 2001. The cast of the film was:…

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  • The Culper Spy Ring: An Analysis

    colonies. After the continental army defeated the Regulars at Boston, Britain’s commanders needed a new base of operations. New York seemed to be that location. It had a harbor, was easy to defend, and Long Island could provide supplies should they be cut off from Britain. Long Island was filled with Loyalists, or…

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  • The Culper Spy Ring

    Long Island, New York had been under British control since August 27, 1776.2 Benjamin Tallmadge established the Culper Spy Ring and recruited his friends in order that they would work as his informants. Tallmadge was the main handler of the Culper Spy Ring.3 The agents of the Culper Spy Ring provided detailed insider information of the British and their activities. They were “incredibly well-connected and had regular access to privy information.”4 The Culper Spy Ring communicated through cyphers…

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  • The Importance Of Domesticity In The Great Gatsby

    toward the elite, we shall see that his perspective on the underclass is marked by a fearful alienation. In these tense conditions, Fitzgerald opts (one might say opts out) for the solace of a purely individualist gratification. Although at one level the "fast" life of his heady, competitive success culture is elating (Nick enjoys "the racy, adventurous feel of [New York] at night, and the satisfaction that the constant flicker of men and women and machines gives to the restless eye" [57]),…

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  • Peace Men's Lacrosse Case Study

    familiar rival, Nassau County Community College. Nassau has always had a target pinned to their back. According to the NCC website, Nassau has never had a losing season. Since the program’s inception in 1966, Nassau has won 21 NJCAA National Titles and participated in 43 of the 44 National Championships. Suffolk went into this game with an overall season record of 9-5, with big wins on the road against Army Prep and an overtime victory over Dean College. In their last regular season meeting,…

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  • St Lucia Essay

    What do you know the history of the island state in the Caribbean, called St. Lucia? St. Lucia is only 27 miles long and has a width of a short 14 miles and the capital and major port is Castries, but who lived on the island and why were Europeans interested in it? What was life like for the people on St. Lucia before, during, and after the British empire had ruled and how indigenous systems have changed since the island won its independence from the British. The Arawak were the earliest…

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  • Marines In World War 2 Essay

    many important battles, however they also had well known specialized branches. Their presence in World War II was crucial in winning the war. Marines were the true heroes of World War Two because of the Marine Raiders, Battle of Iwo Jima, and the Battle of Okinawa. The Marines were very important and remain famous figures in American history. When America joined World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to make a new group of military, like the British Commandos. The president…

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  • Pacific Turning Point

    December 7, 1961. It made United States attack back like no other, after the attack United States wanted blood and did not care about civilians lives they just wanted to destroy the Japanese empire. After the attack on Pearl Harbor Japan had time to make more of a push in the Pacific. Until 1942 in the Battle of the Midway when a U.S. Naval fleet about destroyed a Japanese fleet which was a major turning point in the war on the Pacific. Which later led to American forces…

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