Battle of New Orleans

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  • Battle Of New Orleans Essay

    peace treaty called the Treaty of Ghent, the Battle of New Orleans began. The Treaty of Ghent was signed on December 24, 1814, and restored the boundaries before the war, allowing the War of 1812 to be officially over. Although the peace treaty was signed after the War of 1812, the communication took a while to travel to the United States. This caused the Battle of New Orleans to be unaware…

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  • New Orleans Culture In Soul Kitchen By Poppy Z. Brite

    American culture and the popular norm view New Orleans as a wild, uncultured, vivacious, and eccentric; a city without rules, and where you can party and drink till the sun rises. A city where the lines are blurred, and you can find people and characters like no other. In many respects, media and popular culture portray New Orleans accurately, capturing some unique events and people on film or bringing the culture to life in movies. “The Princess and the Frog” showed a lot of the bayou, which…

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  • Louis Armstrong's American Jazz Trumpeter: Satchmo Or Pops

    story starting from his origination, to his existence with his grandmother, to his initially cherish (which was extremely disagreeable), to his initially separation (which I believe was beneficial for him), to his initially enterprise with his cornet, and stop to the start of his superb vocation in Jazz music, which he leaves a great heritage. It was fascinating to get a look at New Orleans in the beginning of Jazz through the eyes of a standout amongst the most popular and regarded performers…

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  • Hurricane Katrina Failure

    living in the southern states hit by the hurricane, especially those in New Orleans. This topic became very difficult for people in the south to cope on, but it was also a learning experience physically, and financially. If Katrina never existed, the levees in New Orleans would still be vulnerable and weak, but now that it happened, they are built stronger and stealthier to uphold stronger impacts of any…

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  • Louis Armstrong: Jazz's Effect On The Entertainment Industry

    effect on the entertainment industry. Armstrong was born in New Orleans to fifteen year old Mary Ann and twenty year old Willie. His whole life, Armstrong identified his birthday as July 4, 1900. It is now know his actual birth date was August 4, 1901. Armstrong’s young parents were not ready for a child so Josephine, Willie’s mother, raised him until he was five. Over those five years, Armstrong did not see much of his parents. He returned to visit his mother when she was very sick. He stayed…

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  • Formation By Kendrick Lamar: Music Analysis

    his astounding album, “To Pimp A Butterfly,” addressed issues against the norm of today’s hip-hop and rap by blending traces of reggae and legendary singers. Lamar raps against the wave by speaking on issues of adversity and facts bersus drugs, sex and alcohol. Music has such a pivotal platform, it often allows people to be blackballed and classified into certain set stigmas, beliefs and concerns of the African American community and this is an ongoing battle of African Americans losing their…

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  • What Is Hurricane Grenada

    has made an extremely important social impact on Grenada, for example, it contributes to the celebration of Grenadian cultures such as Carnival and historic sites. Many arts and crafts have been brought back to life and made into profitable local businesses; local festivals and cultural events have also been supported due to tourist’s interest and participation. Conclusion In conclusion, the tourism industry has drastically improved Grenada’s economic and social development. It has increased…

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  • Case Study: Verrazano Narrows Bridge

    Verrazano Narrows Bridge – 1964 Figure 9 Tacoma Narrows Bridge now known as Verrazano Narrows Bridge During Failure Taken From: (Wikipedia, 2015) Leap 6: Wind The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was opened in 1940 but the design had a flaw. When the bridge deck was subjected to minor winds the deck moved up and downwards and began twisting, the bridge eventually collapsed. Peter Sluszka, a qualified bridge engineer explained that, aerodynamic instability of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge had to do with the…

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  • Hurricane Harvey Leadership Analysis

    In the face of calamity, the cry for leadership rings more a screech. As the rain came pouring down over coastal Texas at the end of last month, mother nature surely produced the most ideal conditions for a leadership situation. Hurricane Harvey, the wettest tropical storm to hit the contiguous United States, inundated cities like Houston and Beaumont and put Texas Governor Greg Abbott in a rather sink or swim locus to lead through difficult circumstances (Alvarez). This essay will examine the…

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  • The American Dream

    Finally black people were allowed in a white schools. Little Rock Nine: the first black students to enroll to a white school in 1957. Although they faced racial slurs and hate. This was the starting point of new opportunities stretching its horizon of acceptance. One senior out of Little Rock Nine became the first graduate from a white school on May 25, 1948: Ernest Green. Green became the assistant secretary of the Federal Department of Labor for President Jimmy Carter (“Integration of Central…

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