Battle of Stones River

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  • Battle Of Stones River Battle Analysis

    Battle Analysis: Battle of Stones River The purpose of this paper is to describe how the Confederate Army of Tennessee could have used Intelligence assets to minimize losses and achieve victory during the Battle of Stones River in Murfreesboro, Tennessee during the winter from December 3, 1862 to January 2, 1863. The Battle of Stones River was a significant turning point in the Civil War. It is the final battle of the Stones River Campaign of the Western Theater. The campaign includes four other battles, most notably the brief Confederate invasion of Kentucky. The Union Army’s goal was to defeat the Confederates and remove them from Tennessee. The Confederate’s goal was to maintain ground in Tennessee after recent losses in Kentucky. The battle…

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  • Summary: The Effect Of The Battle Of Stones River On Braxton Bragg

    Both A Martinet and a Failure: The Effect of the Battle of Stones River on Braxton Bragg General Braxton Bragg was a leader of the Confederate side in the Civil War. He fought in many battles, including the Battle of Stones River. However, his career came to an end because he caused his associates to become frustrated with his quarrelsome attitude and cowardly decisions. This begs the question: To what extent did the battle of Stones River affect Braxton Bragg 's military career? While Bragg 's…

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  • Stones River National Battlefield Essay

    Stones River National Battlefield While preparing for my visit to Stones River National Battlefield, I did some digging on the Internet and found out that the Battle of Stones River started on December 31, 1862. My preparation mainly involved reading about the site, especially its history and why it had been designated as a national historical site. The site was one among the many bloody civil war conflicts. The battle produced significant political and military benefits for the Union, but more…

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  • Historical Site Importance

    Through the available features, a lot can be traced and learnt in a simple yet comprehensive manner. The site would also help one to understand other issues that are difficult to understand. The site itself promotes nationalism and unity among Americans of all walks of life. The site is an important figure and aspect in the American history more so in the American Civil war. It memorizes the Battle of Stones River. To the war veterans, the site has continuously and consistently promoted reunion…

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  • Subotai Attack Mongols

    Subotai was Genghis Khans spearpoint and he was faced with a variety of different armies each demonstrating carious types of tactics. Subotai adapted to all of these challenges and used his armies in some of the greatest shows of tactical genius on this planet. One campaign that demonstrated the superiority of the Mongols on the battlefield was the attacks on Eastern Europe. Subotai’s attack began with an order from the Khan to scout Eastern Europe for information that could be helpful for a…

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  • Palo Duro Canyon History

    The significance of the battle I have chose not only made Texas safer, but it also gave birth to our states national park! My bucket list dream is to travel the United States and to see all major historical landmarks. Without the Battle of Palo Duro Canyon, the Texas-Indian War would not have ended. Of course history would take a different course to have eased these tensions had this battle not occurred, but it certainly would not be as epic of a tale as the one written about in this paper. Palo…

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  • Creative Writing: The Stone Moon

    Once in some days, unknown as past, present, nor future, a Moonflower Ivy grew to the sky. In the dark air, winged creatures with blood red skin and some creatures that were bare, with nothing but black feathers flew about. The red beings flew in one direction and the black beings in the other. The Gods above cried with grey tears that turned the blue moon to stone. During the lunar cycle on only one night, the two races battled fiercely with great force. The red, bat-like creatures followed one…

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  • Bravery In The Civil War

    sides exceeded expectations on the battlefield whether that be in a large battle or a small encounter. The actions each soldier displayed, proved it took true gallantry and courage to fight in the Civil War. Drums, bugles, and fifes followed the soldiers through every step of the battle, giving orders and commands to the soldiers. However, calls from bugles, drums, and fifes were not the only musical sound during the war; there was plenty of brass instruments accompanied by bands and voices…

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  • The Blackfoot Tribe

    They mostly ate buffalo and deer. They cooked their meat by roasting it. Sometimes they would boil it in stone bowls. They had a very complex religion. Their main god was the sun. They also believed in a supernatural man named Napi. Napi means old man. They also believed in powers of connections with nature. Two important people in the blackfoot history is Crowfoot and Kalani Queypo. Crowfoot was a blackfoot warrior and chief. He was responsible for signing the peace treaty with the Canadian…

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  • The Stone Carvers By Jane Urquhart Analysis

    and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires” (BrainyQuote). Moreover, freedom is a basic desire which everyone seeks to attain. Essentially, it is a part of our human nature to strive for, go after, and achieve, a life of freedom. In the novel The Stone Carvers by Jane Urquhart, a handful of characters experience an unfortunate life without the freedom which they endlessly seek for. They experience a…

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