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  • What Is The Effect Of Roosevelt's Attack On Pearl Harbor

    They burned U.S Navy battleships and then bombed. It is just a start for the war(Weintraub, Stanley 57-58). The U.S Army, Navy, and Marine Corps air friends were bombed and started. After a bomb took out the seaplane ramp on Ford Island, another bomb flew a utility to species(Weintraub, Stanley 68). The repair ship Vestal, moored next to the Arizona, had been on fire at the time the last bomb struck the Arizona. The explosion of the Arizona’s ammunition magazine was so forceful that it sucked the oxygen away from the area around the Vestal. This put out the fire on the Vestal and knocked approximately 100 sailors overboard. Oil spilled out from the damaged Arizona and caused fire to spread across the surface of the water(Weintraub, Stanley 61). Explosions caused by bombs…

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  • Analytical Essay: The Battle Of The Coral Sea

    Fleet Admiral C.W. Nimitz. The commander of the Japanese forces was Shigekazu Shimazaki. Weapons used in the battle By 1942, there were various advancements in terms of weapons used in battles and wars. Each opposition group did its best to ensure that the type of weapons they used enabled them become victorious in the battle. The war involved the use of various warships. These warships included the aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers were helpful in firing on air and ensuring that they…

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  • Merchant Marine Prowess

    The American Navy and Merchant Marine both possess a longstanding history of prowess showcased by their perseverance through the changing times, adapting to the trials of advancement as a ship would adapt to the changing of the tides. The further advancement of technology during the 19th and 20th Centuries brought about a shift in the maritime and wartime industries, gone were the looming hulls of vast wooden ships to be replaced by the thick, steel riveted hulls of naval battleships, carriers,…

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  • The Battle Of Midway: Turning Point In The Pacific

    with the Japanese Zeros, they also lacked the overall size of a Pacific fleet. With Saratoga being damaged at Pearl Harbor and Lexington being sunk at Coral Sea, the USN only had three carriers in the Pacific compared to Japan’s eight. Also, the United States was far outnumbered in cruisers, destroyers, and submarines; consequently, their condition was not ready to seek a large battle in the Pacific. Other than radar, the IJN weaponry was of at least equal quality to the United States’ in every…

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  • Battleship Potemkin Analysis

    Battleship Potemkin, a Bolshevik propaganda film from 1925, impresses upon its audience the validity of the new Communist regime in Russia by presenting an idealized microcosm of the Bolshevik revolution on the battleship Prince Tavrichesky. Battleship Potemkin curates its audience’s reaction through the rise and fall of tension, which it does most prominently through the synergy of camera shot placement, camera shot order and music. Battleship Potemkin cycles through periods of calm, tension,…

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  • Parody In The Film 'Battleship Potemkin'

    ``The Battleship Potemkin'' has been so famous for so long that it is almost impossible to come to it with a fresh eye. It is one of the fundamental landmarks of cinema. Its famous massacre on the Odessa Steps has been quoted so many times in other films (notably in ``The Untouchables'') that it's likely many viewers will have seen the parody before they see the original. The film once had such power that it was banned in many nations, including its native Soviet Union. Governments actually…

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  • Creative Writing: The Battleship Sikorra

    Seeing into the future, knowing the harshness of the disease and that wheelchairs would be a part of our life, we realized we’d have to find a house with bedrooms downstairs--or at least enough space downstairs for the family to sleep. By the grace of God, we sold our house quickly and bought another a few miles away. We originally called the “new” house the “Battleship Sikorra” as it was somewhat dilapidated and painted an inglorious grey. The carpets crumbled when we walked on them. But it had…

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  • Part Four: The Odessa Staircase Of Battleship Potemkin

    In Part Four: The Odessa Staircase of Battleship Potemkin, Sergei Eisenstein uses the various techniques stated in his “Methods of Montage.” Specifically, we look at the scene in which the mother begins to run down the steps with her son by the hand. The establishing shot is in the Odessa steps (i.e. the staircase) since it tells us where the scene will take place. It starts with a rhythmic montage because the music playing in the background is determined by the content of the scene. The visual…

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  • Explain The Three Major Events From Ww2

    as The Battle of Darwin was the largest single attack ever undertook by a foreign power on Australia. The battle of Kokoda was a 4 month battle between the Japanese and Australians. Although all 3 of these events occurred at different times and in different places they are closely related and all had an effect on the other. The attack on Pearl Harbour took place in a lagoon harbour on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu on the 7th of December 1941 around 8am. Majority of the harbour…

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  • USS Maine Defeat

    The USS Maine was the first massive battleship to join the US navy fleet. It weighed more than 6,000 tons and cost more than $4 million to build. In a friendly manner, it was sent to Cuba to protect American concerns about US citizens and US interests. Later on, a fight between the Americans and Spanish broke out, beginning in Havana, in January 1898. “An explosion sunk the ship killing 260 Americans on board the vessel. A U.S naval court ruled that the sinking of the ship was caused by a sea…

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