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  • Compare And Contrast Perks Of Being A Wallflower And 8 Mile

    sisters. They start dating, but she cheated on him with one of B-Rabbit 's friends. All of the guys that made fun of him and his friends jumped B-Rabbit in a trailer park where he lived with his mom and little sister. B-Rabbit’s mom was not a good mother. She drank a lot and kicked B-Rabbit out of their trailer. She let her boyfriend live there and he was not a good boyfriend. He was a drunk. He abused B-Rabbit’s mother. B-Rabbitt’s relationship didn 't go well and he became very angry. He wrote poems called rap battles, and…

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  • Language Used In Rap

    Rap is becoming an increasingly popular genre of music specially with today’s youth as it is somehow considered a part of the youth culture. Today, it is featured increasingly among popular advertisements, radio and even on television shows. Rap is genre wherein you can express challenges and experiences in life in a form of a story. Although that is sometimes the case, rude and inappropriate themes are also expressed in rap. The question that I will be answering in this essay is How has the…

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  • Gangster Rap Vs Rap

    The misconceptions that may have someone correlate hip-hop music to gangster rap are such cases where a murder of an artist from gangster rap genre would make others look upon those deaths and see what they assume is a fair and balanced picture of what rap and hip-hop is all about: murder, drugs, and money. In truth, much of the conflict in hip-hop has moved inward, as its players are fighting battles of ideas and emotions rather than gangster rap artist’s battle for dominance over another…

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  • Backspin Technique In F. Gary Gray's 1980s Hip Hop Music

    We all have that opinion based on our experience from it. 1980s music was not accepted from the beginning. From the movie Straight Outta Compton by F. Gary Gray, it explicitly shows that rap music was not accepted because it was too explicit and contained vulgar lyrics that kids were getting ahold of it. McWhorter mentioned that in his article Hip Hop Holds Blacks Back by John H. McWhorter, that rap music “teach [es] young [African American] to take thuggish stand” (McWhorter 1). However, I…

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  • Joan Morgan Fly Girls Bitches And Hoes Analysis

    United States African American and Hispanic origin, featuring rap with an electronic backing. Hip hop music in 2018 is still very popular in the United States by both men and women and diverse cultures. In the article “Fly-Girls, Bitches and Hoes” by Joan Morgan she quotes rap lyrics from the Notorious B.I.G.’s platinum album “Ready to Die”, scenarios and statistics relating to black on black crime and her mother’s words of wisdom to develop the argument that hip hop and feminism aren’t at war;…

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  • Hip Hop Lyricism

    sounds much more different than it does now. Even a person who is unfamiliar with hip hop can distinguish a rap song from the 90’s and one in 2015. Lyrics, production, and subject matter strays away from its “gangster” persona, and now associates with a personal story modern rappers are trying to tell. Ask a person who has grown up in the 90’s hip hop era about their thoughts on todays hip hop, and expect a not so positive response. However, hip hop has evolved production wise; 90’s hip hop…

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  • Race In Rap Music

    How Race and Ethnicity affected the music of Eminem In this assignment i will be focusing on Rap music and how race and ethnicity affected the music of Eminem, both positively and negatively. I have chosen to research this topic as i found it very interesting, with many valid opinions and points of view to look into. Rap music, also known as Hip Hop began in the 1970’s in the lower class areas of New York, also known as the ‘ghetto’, as a way for the public to voice their political…

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  • Rap Music Outline Research Paper

    I. The music is a diverse mix of modern Broadway music and rap music. A. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the musical and acted as Alexander Hamilton himself, felt that hip-hop and rap worked best for Hamilton’s life. 1. Each founding father has a different rap pattern and abinet meetings are performed through rap battles. 2. Elizabeth Schuyler, Alexander’s wife, sings the love song “Helpless” like a Sara Bareilles song before her sister Angelica performs “Satisfied” like a Beyoncé jam. 3.…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Art Of Gangsta Rap

    Gangsta rap, originating from the west coast wouldn’t be received with open arms by the American public. This new genre of rap was much more adult oriented and featured a plethora of expletives. Though the product was more edgier, the focus remained the same. Gangsta rap featured problems that continued to plague the neighborhood and the way in which these problems were presented rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Gangsta rap became even more prevalent after the infamous Rodney King trials of…

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  • From Fly Girls To Roost Joan Morgan Analysis

    In an excerpt from her book, titled When Chickenheads come Home to Roost: A Hip-Hop Feminist Breaks It Down, which was first published in 1999, music writer and hip-hop enthusiast Joan Morgan expresses her deep concern of the negative influence lyrics in rap music have on women and people of the African American community, as stated in her essay, "From Fly-Girls to Bitches and Hos". Morgan shares her views on the root causes of the prevalence of misogyny in rap music lyrics. Morgan illuminates…

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