Compare And Contrast Perks Of Being A Wallflower And 8 Mile

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In the two movies Perks of Being a Wallflower and 8 Mile, the main characters are extremely similar. In one way, they both are like wallflowers. Another way they are related is they both have a hard time talking to females. Lastly, they each share their life stories through their writing to cope with their life surroundings.
In The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Charlie is the wallflower. In 8 Mile, B-Rabbit is also a wallflower. Charlie acts like a wallflower by staying to himself before he meets new friends. He never thought he would ever belong. Charlie had a rough life early on. He lost his Aunt Helen to a tragic accident. He became a wallflower after her death. Charlie met Sam and Patrick at a football game. At a party, Patrick all
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Charlie had a hard time telling Sam that he loved her. He told her that he loved her, but she didn 't want him to think about her like that. Charlie thought he loved Mary Elizabeth, so they went out on a date. She asked him to a dance because it was a Sadie Hawkins dance. Charlie said yes and they went out. Then they and all of their friends played truth or dare. During the game, Patrick asked Charlie, “Truth or dare?” Charlie said. “Dare.” Patrick said, “Kiss the prettiest women in the room.” So Charlie kissed Sam. Then Mary Elizabeth ran out of the room and cried. This upset Mary Elisabeth, so they ended up breaking up. Charlie really wanted Sam. He couldn 't stop thinking about her. He was really in love with her, but he didn 't want to tell her. In the movie 8 Mile, B-Rabbit find a female that he thought was very attractive. However, she was one of his buddies sisters. They start dating, but she cheated on him with one of B-Rabbit 's friends. All of the guys that made fun of him and his friends jumped B-Rabbit in a trailer park where he lived with his mom and little sister. B-Rabbit’s mom was not a good mother. She drank a lot and kicked B-Rabbit out of their trailer. She let her boyfriend live there and he was not a good boyfriend. He was a drunk. He abused B-Rabbit’s mother. B-Rabbitt’s relationship didn 't go well and he became very angry. He wrote poems called rap battles, and …show more content…
Charlie wrote in letter format. B-Rabbit wrote in prose format. Charlie wrote about what was going on with his friends or something big going on in his own life. B-Rabbit wrote about his friends and how bad his life was.. He did rap battles and told other people about his feelings. He just wanted people to know what has happened. He wanted to stick up for himself and his friends. At the end of 8 Mile, B-Rabbit beat the king of rappers in a rap battle. Then people looked up to him and thought he was the best person and a very good rapper. This movie is a true story about his life.
In the two movies, Perks of Being a Wallflower and 8 Mile, these two main characters are alike in many different ways. They are both like wallflowers because they feel more comfortable watching others live their lives. They both have a hard time with being with others and fitting in.
They also both had a hard time with females. This may have had something to do with their self esteem. Lastly, they both wrote in different formats. Charlie wrote in letter format and B-rabbit wrote in prose. These two stories have taught people how life can be a struggle, but things can work out in the

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