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  • Speech About Freestyling

    natural with or without instrumental beats. Freestyling is an escape for when you need to speak out or creatively express your thoughts and opinions. Often voices are silenced, people barely get to speak up or speak their mind. So, when you get the chance to freestyle either alone or in a group, you are able to venture off into your own mind and say whatever comes to your head in a rhythmic notion. When sharing your point of view on your surroundings and experiences through talking, freestyling or “spitting rhymes” you get to subconsciously dig into your own mind and say things you usually wouldn’t. An…

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  • Compare And Contrast Perks Of Being A Wallflower And 8 Mile

    buddies sisters. They start dating, but she cheated on him with one of B-Rabbit 's friends. All of the guys that made fun of him and his friends jumped B-Rabbit in a trailer park where he lived with his mom and little sister. B-Rabbit’s mom was not a good mother. She drank a lot and kicked B-Rabbit out of their trailer. She let her boyfriend live there and he was not a good boyfriend. He was a drunk. He abused B-Rabbit’s mother. B-Rabbitt’s relationship didn 't go well and he became very angry.…

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  • Persuasive Essay About College Wrestling

    Express and Reflect Essay Once every year, some of the nation's best travel to a destination to compete not only for glory and fame, but to stand on the first place podium to be crowned the nation's best college wrestler throughout the nation, is a special time for them. Especially for me as well. College teams like Iowa, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, and many more from around the nation travel to one location to face off and battle for the crown, however; only ten wrestlers can…

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  • Narrative Essay About Wrestling

    During my junior year of high school, one of my friends who wrestled for the school talked me into joining the team. I knew nothing about the sport, but decided to join the team anyway. I bought myself wrestling shoes and headgear and went to the first wrestling practice of the season. The wrestling room reeked of sweat and was relatively small. An old maroon rubber mat covered the entire floor, just as dirt covered all the windows. I put my wrestling shoes on and started practice. Within…

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  • Wrestlers In Letitia Baldrige's More Than Manners

    wrestlers do engage in violent acts but for the majority of them they would rather do anything but that. A small portion of wrestlers like violence because if we did there wouldn’t be a wrestling team. Wrestlers as a community are very close to each other because we bleed, sweat, laugh, starve, and win together. Since wrestling is an individual sport they motivate each other and are brutally honest they have a closer connection than most friends and other sports. Wrestlers are very close…

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  • Hip Hop Lyricism

    sounds much more different than it does now. Even a person who is unfamiliar with hip hop can distinguish a rap song from the 90’s and one in 2015. Lyrics, production, and subject matter strays away from its “gangster” persona, and now associates with a personal story modern rappers are trying to tell. Ask a person who has grown up in the 90’s hip hop era about their thoughts on todays hip hop, and expect a not so positive response. However, hip hop has evolved production wise; 90’s hip hop…

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  • Backspin Technique In F. Gary Gray's 1980s Hip Hop Music

    it. We all have that opinion based on our experience from it. 1980s music was not accepted from the beginning. From the movie Straight Outta Compton by F. Gary Gray, it explicitly shows that rap music was not accepted because it was too explicit and contained vulgar lyrics that kids were getting ahold of it. McWhorter mentioned that in his article Hip Hop Holds Blacks Back by John H. McWhorter, that rap music “teach [es] young [African American] to take thuggish stand” (McWhorter 1). However, I…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Wrestling Room

    The room is best described with one word: Sanctuary. When you walk into the room, you’re greeted with the sense nothing else matters inside this room besides one thing and that is improving your skills as a wrestler. Unlike a basketball court or a football field, which are used for many different activities, the wrestling room is for work only. Isolated from the rest of the school with a set of heavy metal doors, the wrestling room contains two full sized mats that cover the floor and go halfway…

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  • Greco-Roman Wrestling History

    The History of Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling Wrestling is a combative sport that uses grappling type maneuvers such as throws, takedowns, pins, joint locks, and other holds to ensure one competitor a victory . A wrestling bout is where two competitors compete in a physical competition who attempt to achieve and retain an more advantageous position. The military has also integrated wrestling techniques into their hand-to-hand combat systems as well as other martial arts.Wrestling is…

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  • Informative Essay About Wrestling

    Mat of Pain What does it feels like being under the spotlight in a room full of people watching and cheering for you to defeat and win against your opponent who you know that is the same strength as you? Does it makes you nervous and makes you want to back out? Why choose wrestling as your sport when you can do basketball? Why settle with tough sport like wrestling? These are only few of the questions I wanted to ask the wrestlers whenever they have a wrestling match. I am not a fan of…

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