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  • Misunderstand Gangsta Rap Music Analysis

    or walking on the sidewalk, one might hear someone blasting their rap music, full of vulgar language and profanity, from their car. One might conclude the driver and their passengers are up to no good, or they are bad people. Instead of rushing to judgement, it is important to recognize the impact age, race and gender has on one’s opinion of music and one’s opinion of the people listening to or writing certain types of music. Rap music is primarily believed to be enjoyed by the African American…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Capital Steez's Injustice

    rapper that took the classic rap scene by storm with his incredible word play, his use of irony, and his critic of the injustices in America. Capital Steez took his own life on December 23, 2012 at the age of 19. He dedicated his life to shedding light on injustices in America and bringing rap back to its roots where there was meaning behind every line. Steez wanted to not only change the genre, but also the effect of rap on the community and the negative stigma that follows rap. Capital Steez…

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  • Positive Effects Of Dancehall Music

    EFFECTS OF DANCEHALL MUSIC ON THE YOUTH Dancehall music is a new style music that can be traced to Jamaica popular music that has its roots in the political disruptions in the Republic of Jamaica in late 1970’s . The music became more famous between 1981 and 1991. ( C.J.Cooper, 37). The music is attributed as a xhenomenon of ‘rude boys’ who settled in Jamaican ghettos due to high unemployment rates. The rate of unemxloyment in Jamaica stood at 35 percent in 1962. The delinquency behavior…

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  • Summary: The Hip Hop Generation

    Although peace was never completely restored, this meeting allowed black and brown kids to cross boroughs safely in order to party with each other and share their culture, music and fashions which birthed Hip Hop culture and furthered the influence of rap…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Hip Hop

    was taking the classic rap scene by storm with his incredible word play, his use of irony, and his critic of the injustices in America. Capital Steez had dedicated his career to shedding light on what is wrong in our country. He wanted to bring rap back to its roots where there was meaning behind every line. He wanted to make a change to not only the genre of music itself, but also to the effects of rap on the community; he wanted to change the negative stigma that follows rap. Capital Steez and…

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  • Language Used In Rap

    Rap is becoming an increasingly popular genre of music specially with today’s youth as it is somehow considered a part of the youth culture. Today, it is featured increasingly among popular advertisements, radio and even on television shows. Rap is genre wherein you can express challenges and experiences in life in a form of a story. Although that is sometimes the case, rude and inappropriate themes are also expressed in rap. The question that I will be answering in this essay is How has the…

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  • The Media Torrent And Disposable Feeling, By Todd Gitlin

    leads to a high prevalence of sexual abuse. Hip Hop and Rap convey disrespecting women as the norm, so men control and treat women as sex objects. The degradation of women also causes youth to engage in sexual behavior. Women have low standards in men because of the way women are viewed in music. Women are viewed as weak, dependent on a man and as a result women settle for the worse kind of men who treat them below their value. Hip Hop and Rap also convey messages in favor of drugs and alcohol.…

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  • Female Influence In Hip-Hop Culture

    talking about female influence in Hip-Hop it all begins with Salt N’ Pepa. Salt N’ Pepa, one of the first female rap groups, changed the face of Hip-hop. They paved the way for women in this male dominant industry. Salt N’ Pepa has also influenced Hip-hop culture greatly from the 80’s until now by being more pop orientated, having a powerful message, and a unique fashion sense. They were rap legends as well as female and fashion icons. Taking it back to the mid 1980s Salt N’ Pepa was formed.…

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  • Snoop Dogg's Influence On Hip Hop

    Flashing lights, money, and fame, for many hip hop artists these are just normal aspects of life that they experience everyday. In the 80’s and 90’s, most rappers achieved this level of stardom through gangster rap. “Gangsta rap” is known for being based off of gang relations, drugs, and sex, and because of this, many people couldn’t enjoy a very popular form of art. This form of hip hop was popular for its “edgy, noisy sound [, and] lyrically it was abrasive, as the rappers spun profane,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Hip Hop And Poetry

    In the article flenzoisjealous“Rap vs. Poetry” May 17, 2011 he mentions that “having accents when it comes to reading what the author wrote depending on the topic. The author adds accent to the verse that stands out the most and the most meaningful verse” in poems we must remember that…

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