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  • Semiotics In Rap Culture

    the messages they are being fed. As humans, we automatically perform semiotic analysis on a daily basis without being aware of it. Are semiotics present in modern day rap and hip-hop? Yes! Typically, society develops meanings for certain signs as a way to tell individuals how to or to not act. It is through these signifiers in rap and hip-hop culture that influences people’s sense of identity through presentational mediums of television stations such as MTV and Much Music, as well as the…

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  • Music And Music Analysis: LL Cool Johnson

    LL Cool J which is the short for Ladies Love Cool James was born January 14, 1968 with the name James Todd Smith. He is an American hip hop recording artist and actor from Queens, New York. LL Cool J is also known as one of the forefathers of pop rap. It is known that James Todd Smith was creating demo tapes in his grandparents' home. Just like so many artist, LL had some form of motivation from a musical family member. LL Cool J signed with Def Jam Records,…

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  • Rap Music: A Comparison Of Rap And Country

    that I am going to compare and contrast are rap and country. They are both very popular and common in todays society. They started off as cultural and traditional music, but has evolved into a new genre. Rap and country come from different eras. They have evolved differently, but have many similarities. People say that they are too different to compare, but the way I see it, rap and country have created a new genre. Here are some similarities between rap music and country music. The first…

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  • Race In Rap Music

    Eminem In this assignment i will be focusing on Rap music and how race and ethnicity affected the music of Eminem, both positively and negatively. I have chosen to research this topic as i found it very interesting, with many valid opinions and points of view to look into. Rap music, also known as Hip Hop began in the 1970’s in the lower class areas of New York, also known as the ‘ghetto’, as a way for the public to voice their political frustration. Rap is based around a vocal style in which…

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  • Rap And Hip-Hop Lyrics Promote Misogyny

    I have chosen to study if rap and hip-hop lyrics glorify and promote misogyny and violence in teenagers as well as adults. The proposed research question for this study is; “Do Rap and Hip-Hop Lyrics Promote Violence and Misogyny?” It is an important issue in our society when taking into account how many people listen to rap and hip-hop music, and whether it could potentially be a negative influence on our society’s adolescent teenagers. The effects this music could possibly have on youth could…

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  • Hip Hop Planet Analysis

    I disagree against this statement is because not only “black ghetto people” write hip hop music. There are many cultures that write and like to sing hip hop music. For example, in the film they showed us different kind of people who write hip hop/ rap, but it’s not only blacks. American, French, and Chinese etc. write hip hop too. You don’t have to be a specific race to write and listen hip hop. Only because people say that only hip hop is another name for “black ghetto music” doesn’t mean it’s…

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  • Hip Hop Beyond Beats And Rhymes Analysis

    African American men and women. In the documentary titled Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, director Byron Hurt confronts the controversial issues of violence and homophobia in rap music, sexism, and the portrayal of manhood in Hip Hop culture. In the beginning of the documentary, Hurt states he did not question the lyrics of rap music because the lyrics confirmed his masculine identity (Hip…

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  • Essay On Rap Music

    Rap music has been around for almost 30 years starting with the people like, Run DMC, LL Cool J, and N.W.A. No one had ever heard this new type of music and was intrigued by the rawness and realness of it. People of all races liked the music and thought it was a new form of art. But, the new rap music of the 2000’s has changed the overall view of rap. People don’t think of it as art anymore because of its big influence of gang violence and use of profanity and this is more of a caucasian…

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  • Negative And Positive Views On Essay Hop Planet

    this essay because of the nightmare you had, in which your daughter came home with a rapper telling you that they were going to get married. In your essay you state that the first time you heard rap it was the most ridiculous thing you had ever heard, but you also state that after 26 years of ignoring rap you had finally embraced it. You said you love the good of it and hate the bad of it. You wrote this essay to tell the world that hip hop is everywhere and some of us need to embrace it just as…

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  • Hip Hop Planet Thesis

    My class read your essay, “Hip Hop Planet” as an assignment where you explain how Hip Hop has spread like a wildfire that can’t be put out. I understand that you wrote this due to your nightmare, where your daughter gets married to a thuggish character, a Hip Hop artist. In this essay you wrote about the importance or value of the Hip Hop genre. Also, through the essay you state that Hip Hop is the voice of the new generation and that we have become a Hip Hop Planet. I see that your essay’s…

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