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  • Australian Wrestling History

    wrestling, Greco-Roman and Freestyle are competed in the olympics, and collegiate wrestling. Greco-Roman was the original form of wrestling which was completed in the ancient Olympic Games. Free style wrestling was created during the 19th century in U.S.A and Great Britain. Freestyle wrestling was different rules to Greco-Roman, it was intended to be more of a spectator sport, and is now the most watched form of all forms of amateur wrestling. It is easier to score in freestyle and is more fast…

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  • Informative Essay About Wrestling

    Mat of Pain What does it feels like being under the spotlight in a room full of people watching and cheering for you to defeat and win against your opponent who you know that is the same strength as you? Does it makes you nervous and makes you want to back out? Why choose wrestling as your sport when you can do basketball? Why settle with tough sport like wrestling? These are only few of the questions I wanted to ask the wrestlers whenever they have a wrestling match. I am not a fan of…

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  • Creighton University Scholarship Essay

    Taking into account Creighton University’s dedication to a diverse educational community, I consider myself a student with varying talents, abilities, experiences, opinions, and backgrounds. One aspect of my life that separates me from others is my involvement in collegiate athletics. I competed in wrestling at both the Division I and Division III levels. Through wrestling, I have obtained a large amount of experience that will help me in physical therapy school. One of the greatest American…

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  • Section 80 Greek Lamar Analysis

    supreme in the rap industry. Lamar’s music has become known for his intricate wordplay, socially-conscious lyricism, and his fusion of gangster rap with everything from pop, R&B, jazz, funk, African music, and spoken-word poetry. Lamar has become an icon of the new generation of rap music; his lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their own identities and empower themselves, whilst condemning the dangers of poverty, gang violence, addiction, and racism. Lamar represents a powerful shift in rap…

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  • Hip Hop Sociology

    Hip hop comprises of music, dancing, art, poetry, language and style or as it’s called now of days Swag. Its creators/ entrepreneurs were from the inner-city hard-not society: frustrated young people who felt subjugated by the system, disqualified from conventional culture, and frantic with emotions waiting to be express. These cultural entrepreneurs did a lot of illegal, condemned, or otherwise disapproved of the music industry in the beginning. In modern time hip hop is now a global…

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  • Analysis Of Menace II Society And Straight Outta Compton

    Violence peppers the history of Black Los Angeles, a pervasive force of destruction found both within the community and between the black community and the Los Angeles Police Department. Menace II Society and Straight Outta Compton approach similar situations of conflict within South Central Los Angeles, examining the relationship between discrimination and violence. Directed by the Hughes Brothers and released in 1993, Menace II Society chronicles the life of fictional Caine Lawson, a son of…

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  • Hip Hop Influence

    was between Crips and Bloods. Examples of rappers claiming their set are: Snoop Dog who reps The Crips and The Game who reps the Bloods. Hip-Hop has been blamed for the violence from gangs. Even though Gang violence has been around way longer than Rap, it is still be said that Hip-Hop fuels and evolves it, because of the lyrics from the songs. This is why when African-Americans youths killing each other the blame is usually on Hip-Hop and said that it influenced the teens to participate in…

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  • Joan Morgan Fly Girls Bitches And Hoes Analysis

    What is hip hop? Hip Hop is a style of popular music of United States African American and Hispanic origin, featuring rap with an electronic backing. Hip hop music in 2018 is still very popular in the United States by both men and women and diverse cultures. In the article “Fly-Girls, Bitches and Hoes” by Joan Morgan she quotes rap lyrics from the Notorious B.I.G.’s platinum album “Ready to Die”, scenarios and statistics relating to black on black crime and her mother’s words of wisdom to…

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  • Chance The Rapper

    Chicago is known to produce many great artist, regardless of the music genre. Chicago has bred rappers and singers such Common, Lupe Fiasco, G Herbo, Jennifer Hudson, Muddy Waters, and more. Many of these artist have had great impacts on the Chicago culture but one rapper that goes by Chance The Rapper stands out the most to me. Chance The Rapper, an extraordinary artist born and raised in the same neighborhood as myself has made his way as one of Kanye West’s biggest prodigies. He has…

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  • Barker And Taylor Kiss Analysis

    world’s biggest selling rap artist and the most popular living gangsta rap artist. Additionally, he is also known for his critically acclaimed semi-autobiographical film “8 Mile”. Each genre within popular music has its own definition of authenticity. For instance in rock, the artists and music can be considered authentic only if they are direct and honest and have not been tainted by “commerce, trends and derivativeness”.(Armstrong, 2010, pp.336) Within the genre of rap, authenticity is…

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